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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Bucky Breeder, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. James <> wrote in

    > My 4 month old HP Pavillion laptop with Vista SP1, 3 G RAM would
    > freeze about every ten minutes or so. When it freezes it won't even
    > let me get to Task Manager to kill the offending program. The only
    > way to get it operational is to hold down the power button and reboot.
    > I called HP support today and they told me that the way to fix the
    > freeze ups is to disconnect the battery and unplug the the power brick
    > from the computer and then hold the power button for 30-45 seconds.
    > The reason for this, I was told, is to "drain the static from the
    > computer". I understand draining the charge from capacitors, but this
    > is a new one for me (unless HP thinks that a technical explanation is
    > beyond the understanding of Americans.)
    > Anyhow, she said to do this twice a week to prevent the freezing.
    > Has anyone ever heard of this as a solution to the problem of computer
    > freezing? Or is this the most bizarre load of crap I every heard? On
    > the other hand, it has been running now for almost an hour now and
    > hasn't frozen yet.
    > Comments?
    > James

    Yes... Unfortunately, not only have I heard of this, but I have lived it.
    And with HP. And with a Pavillion-type notebook. Only it was WinXP.
    It came with WinXP Home. After I fixed it, I installed an OEM copy of
    WinXP Pro. In those days you could simply goto the HP website and
    download all the drivers for my particualar model. They have become a bit
    more "proprietary" since then, and closely guard the drivers for certain
    of their unique hardware configurations, like their grapics cards on MCE
    boxes. You can find generic drivers, but it short-sheets some of the
    functionality of the speciality drivers. There is probably some way to
    extract those off the Restore Discs, but I'd rather just be pissed about

    Now, there are a number of things which could bring on the symptom you
    describe, freezing which will only recover with a reboot only to freeze
    again. One thing is hardware and/or heat issues.

    The big question would be if the technician's suggestion helped you at
    all; rather than blindly question its efficacy?

    I'll tell you about mine, just in case you want to explore and/or rule it
    out :

    After exhaustive conversations with every Hindu on the planet, and
    declining to give my credit card number over the telephone for such things
    as 1) additional support contracts; 2) replacement OSs; 7) upgraded RAMs;
    13) term-life insurance for my pet turtles; etc., I discovered I had a bad
    sector on the HDD. Bon per adventure, a friend had a copy of SpinRite6,
    and threw out the suggestion...

    I used SpinRite to find it and correct it. If you boot to SpinRite6 and
    run Level 2 you will find where the bad sector(s) is/are. It only takes
    1. You may find that is not the problem at all. Level 2 runs pretty
    fast, recovers most data, but will NOT repair the sector. But on the
    results graphic, note where the "B"s are, and try to extrapolate their
    location to percentages of the drive. Then, IIRC, reboot to SpinRite, and
    run Level 5 - Only hold the Shift key when you hit Enter, and that will
    allow you to specify where (in percentages) on the drive to start and stop
    Level 5 maintenance. Level 5 takes a very long time, so to do an entire
    HDD might take on the order of 4 days or so... If you nail the "B"s
    within 4-5% or so, you can get-'er-done in about a couple of hours. It's
    totally non-destructive to any existing data on the drive.

    You also might try a format and fresh install using your Restore Discs
    from HP. If this seems to help, I'd try keeping a Notepad log of the date
    and time (in Notepad, press key F5) of every software install/uninstall
    and/or system change.

    Second guessing the technician who has a dichotomous key for your system's
    issues is tricky at best, but everyone being human is apt to err sometime.



    I *am* Bucky Breeder, (*(^; , and I want a nuclear-powered John Deere!
    Bucky Breeder, Oct 19, 2008
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