Re: How to store the profile in a place different from C:\Documentsand

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by, Apr 23, 2004.

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    Irwin Greenwald wrote:
    > On 3/17/2004 5:15 PM Pacific, carreg3"NON-AU-SPAM" wrote:
    >>For security purpose, I'd like to store my profile on my second hard
    >>drive (named D:), not in the habitual place (C:\Documents and Settings\...).
    >>Is it possible ? How can i do that ?
    >>Thanks a lot

    > We do not recommend moving the program or profile from standard
    > locations. However, it can be done. See "About Profiles" in my sig.

    I'll add my voice to those who prefer being able to
    *direct* software as to where to install and where to
    keep all files that were not part of the installed OS.

    Topping my wishlist is a way to point Mozilla appps
    to newsrc, preferenece and bookmark files the way we
    point browsers to a local home page on disk, all of
    them being exportable/importable by any user otherwise
    unconstrained. Encryption (for added conventional protection)
    can involve the 'pointers' in a volatile fashion without
    ever needing to be on disk. So what if an intruder
    hacks-in? It will be impossible to know which of maybe
    a dozen user folders is 'hot'.

    This need not be a default feature, needless to say,
    but the option would be welcome. I noticed T-Bird now
    installs and sets up half-way in the desired direction:
    away from the OS. XML preferences, no intertwining into
    the windows registry, such will be the assets that are
    likely to move applications in the future and their
    opposites will become liabilities.

    Why am I saying this? Because the open/closed code 'front'
    and the security 'front' are on a conjuction or interception
    course and (IMHO) security imperatives will favor open
    source because (as you well know) it can be verified and
    validated. As the saying goes "if the word trust is the
    dictionary then it is NOT a security dictionary".

    Modularity, autonomy & containment. We'll be reading/hearing
    these words more each year as users like carreg3 espouse
    WELL-ADVISED *policy* to provide their own security. How
    could I disagree with that, it's the only trustworthy
    one, trust me ;-)

    BTW: I'd also like to see the modularization continue.
    Congratulations! Thunderbird, FireFox are the way to go.
    Is composer going to grow new feathers or fall by the
    wayside (hope not).
    , Apr 23, 2004
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