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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Don Phillipson, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. > "Don Phillipson" <> wrote in message
    > news:...
    >> For no good reason I configured an Internet Gateway under
    >> WinXP wrongly supposing it would help reconfigure the
    >> connection (first by wireless to another router in the building,
    >> thence by wireless modem to the Internet.) It obviously
    >> does not help and I do not need it -- but I cannot remove this
    >> Internet Gateway which reports itself active all the time
    >> but disallows email and browser traffic. What to do?

    "Jack (MVP-Networking)." <> wrote in message
    > . . . take out the network cards and boot one time without them.
    > That would clean the Network system.
    > Switch Off insert the cards and reboot you would get a clean Network
    > startup and can reconfigure to your special needs.

    "Robert L. (MS-MVP)" <> wrote in message

    >I am not sure I understand the issue. How did you configure the Internet
    >gateway? Using route command? If yes,, you should use router delete command
    >to delete the route.

    Clarification (sorry I was unclear:)
    Upstairs WinXP PC is connected via wireless card to
    downstairs Win98PC which has
    wireless router (connecting with upstairs) and
    wireless modem (to Internet: no cable here.)

    First implementation worked OK Nov. 2007 until last month
    when the power supply failed in the downstairs PC requiring
    reinstallation of the Win98SE OS. (Meanwhile the router
    and wireless modem still connected the upstairs WinXP to
    the Internet.) Troubles appeared only after reinstallation of
    Win98 downstairs.

    I could then (a) restore OK the wireless network linking upstairs
    and downstairs PCs but (b) not Internet access i.e. neither PC
    could connect to Internet via wireless modem as formerly.

    Then I noticed on WinXP Networks menu "Internet Gateway" and thought that
    might help. It did not so I decided to remove it . . . no luck.

    1. On the Upstairs XP PC I cannot delete from the Network Connections
    the new item Internet Gateway. (All I can do is remove its functions -- but
    it still reports NNN packets sent or received.)

    2. An "Internet Gateway" has installed itself on the downstairs Win98 PC,
    that also tends to hang the system -- and I cannot get rid of this either.
    Notably its Disable button appears not to work i.e. Systray Icon remains
    present signalling "Gateway active."

    (The home wireless network has also changed to one-way.
    The upstairs XP sees all downstairs Win98 drives as normal:
    but the upstairs XP has vanished from the downstairs Network Neighborhood.)

    Neither PC can now connect via the wireless modem and the
    Win98 system appears unstable with the Internet Gateway
    loaded. No menus suggest how to remove this from either PC..

    Don Phillipson
    Carlsbad Springs
    (Ottawa, Canada)

    Don Phillipson
    Carlsbad Springs
    (Ottawa, Canada)
    Don Phillipson, Jan 28, 2008
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