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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by MikeF, Sep 28, 2003.

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    The answer is: Don't do it. You'll regret it. You *will* regret it.

    The rest of your answer depends on your current situation. How big is
    your drive? Is W98 already installed on C:?
    I will assume it is.

    Buy Partition Magic in a box. Read the little manual. Install it
    under Win98. Read its help files. Read all that stuff twice. You
    will learn alot about hardrives and partitions. Now you'll probably
    be able to figure out the anwer to your question.

    If not, back up your data then, use PM to resize your current partion.
    Make it a gigabyte or two bigger than needed to hold your current OS,
    programs and data. That way, you'll have room for more Win98 programs
    if you want to install them. Leave the rest of the space

    Now, Do you have XP pro or home? I don't know anything about Home.
    If you have pro, just put in the XP Pro CD. Make sure you do not
    choose to upgrade 98. During the early part of the install you will
    get asked about partitions. Like, what partition do you want to use,
    do you want to create partitions in the unpartitioned space, etc.
    Create a partition in the unpartitioned space. It can be either
    primary or extended, it doesn't matter. Choose primary if you like.
    If you choose extended, you will have to create a logical drive.
    The prompst will walk you through the process.

    Now, the size of your new partition depends a lot on the size of your
    drive. If you have a big drive, make your new XP partition around 10
    gigs and save the rest of the space on the drive to be your data
    partition. (makes for easier backups later).

    Format the new partition with either FAT 32 or NTFS, depending on
    whether or not you want Win 98 to access the partition. Bear in mind
    Win 98 can't read NTFS partitions, so when you are running 98, that
    partition will not exist for Win 98 if its formatted in NTFS.

    If you have a small drive, you have to figure out how much you want to
    use for what.

    Now you'll have a C: Drive and a D: drive. Just continue with the
    install. Put XP in the D: drive as a clean install. It will put four
    smallish files in the root of the C: drive and the rest of itself into
    the D: drive. It will also detect Win 98 and create a boot menu for
    you, so you can pick your OS when you boot up. I would advise you to
    use this boot menu and NOT mess around with Partition Magic's boot
    program (Boot Magic).

    If you make sure you understand the process and go through it
    carefully, this almost always works without a glitch. And you won't
    regret it later, as you certainly will if you put them both in the
    same partition.

    Question for anyone - Does XP home have the same partitioning options
    in Setup?
    Please don't tell me I should go look it up -- :)

    oh and by the way, if you arre thinking about win 2000, do the same
    thing, but use win 2000 before XP.

    For microsft programs, the install order should be least powerful
    first, then oldest least powerful, oldest more powerful, next oldest
    least powerful, next oldest more powerful and so on.

    Like this: DOS, Win 3.1 , Win95, Win98, NT Workstation, NT Server,
    2000 Pro, 2000 Server, XP Pro, 2003 Server.

    Can you do that? Yup. But you need lots of partitions, which ususally
    should be one primary and the other extended, with multiple logical

    This shd keep you busy for a while :)

    Good luck

    "Ramiz Sardar" <> wrote in message
    > How Can i install multi windows in a single partition of
    > hard drive. i means i want to install both win98 and
    > winXP in my C drive. How i can
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Ramiz
    MikeF, Sep 28, 2003
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