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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Tom Benoit, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Tom Benoit

    Tom Benoit Guest

    Sounds to me as if you have a port being blocked on your desktop...A similar
    occurrence happened to me with a Win2k Server and a XP desktop. The only
    solution I had
    was to open a port thru the XP desktop or disable my firewall on the XP
    desktop. I can't remember the name of the firewall I was using at the


    "lizzieb" <> wrote in message
    > Hi - I have tried everything I can think of to get a laptop and a desktop
    > talking to each other so they can share the printer attached to the
    > desktop but have failed. Have I missed something? The desktop is XP with
    > Kaspersky, the laptop is vista with Norton 360 and both work fine
    > independently via the router.
    > I can ping the desktop from the wireless laptop but can't get a response
    > when I ping the laptop from the desktop.
    > I ran the xp network wizard on the desktop to make sure file and printer
    > sharing were properly enabled and it was making itself visible on the
    > network.
    > I went into the Vista network & sharing centre and turned on file sharing.
    > I couldn't enable printer sharing because there is no printer attached
    > directly to the laptop.
    > When viewing workgroup computers on the desktop I get the access denied
    > message.
    > When trying to view the network on the laptop I see the laptop connected
    > to the router connected to the internet but that's all.
    > I've set up four vista laptops on mixed networks and never had this
    > problem before.
    > I removed Norton but it didn't make any difference.
    > I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the 'uninstallable' protocols.
    > The only one left would be the TCP/IP one which has to be reset - it can't
    > be uninstalled.
    > I ran spyware checks just in case something was blocking the connection.
    > I even tried using another router in case the problem lay there but still
    > no joy.
    > I added my laptop (with XP) in the hope I could get the two XP machines to
    > see each other but no. If I used the browse facility in the add a new
    > network place option I could see and access the Vista laptop from my
    > laptop but not the other way around and I couldn't see the desktop machine
    > at all.
    > All three could ping each other and reply to each other but when you try
    > to view the the workgroup computers the Vista laptop only sees itself and
    > the desktop returns the error that MSHOME is not accessible. I've run and
    > rerun the network wizard as well.
    > As I said I have run out of ideas so any suggestions would be very very
    > welcome.
    > Thanks
    > Lizieb
    Tom Benoit, Nov 1, 2007
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