Re: Help! How do i connect my home PC to my home Laptop?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by AG, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. AG

    AG Guest

    "Barry Watzman" <> wrote in message
    > Ok, both computers have Ethernet.
    > We need some more information to provide the best help: Is your
    > internet connection broadband or dialup? Do you have a router?
    > If you have a broadband internet connection (cable modem or DSL modem),
    > and you don't already have one, get a router. Connect the "WAN" input
    > of the router to the Ethernet jack on the modem (cable or DSL). Connect
    > both computers to the router's "LAN" ports (it will have 3 to 8 such
    > ports, each computer connects to a different one). That completes the
    > hardware connection.
    > Software wise, right-click on "My Computer", then "Properties" and
    > select the "computer name" tab. Use the "change" tab to give both
    > computers the EXACT same workgroup name, and different computer names
    > (select "workgroup" instead of "domain" UNLESS this is a work computer
    > that is also connected, while you are in the office, to a large
    > corporate LAN -- if that's the case, then this whole issue becomes FAR
    > more complex).
    > Open "My Computer", browse to drives/folders that you wish to share over
    > the network, right-click on them and select the sharing tab, check the
    > boxes as desired.
    > You will have to restart the computers, and after a while (2-5 minutes),
    > each computer should appear on the other computer in the "My Network
    > Places" Window.
    > There are some cautions here, you should only share things when
    > operating behind a router, and even then there is some risk. I wouldn't
    > leave large numbers of folders or the root directory of a drive shared
    > continuously.
    > There are some other ways to do this, including doing it without a
    > router, but that's the standard quick way in a nutshell.

    Barry I have to compliment you, no sarcasam intended or anything like that.
    That is one of the best short discussions of Windows Networking that I've
    ever read. I just wish it was always that easy. :)

    Venus, the only thing that I would add is that if all you want to do is
    connect the two computers in a temporary network so that you can copy files
    from one to the other you can use a crossover cable. You can buy one or if
    you have the tools you can make one too. If you need directions just Google
    for crossover cable.


    > venus6152 wrote:
    > > Both have win xp, i have cables for IEE1394, Ethernet cable, parallel.
    > > How do i set this up ???
    > > I tried but really don't know how to..
    > > thanks
    > > janet
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >

    AG, Jul 3, 2004
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