Re: Help Desperately Needed Posting to Usenet Through Google

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Borked Pseudo Mailed, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Posting through Google is not a good idea. With a Google poster I can read a lot of things. It keeps a record of which newsgroup you post to and you can see personal information if you read a number of posts by the poster. If you have to use Google change you account often and only post to one newsgroup. Posters have a signature somebody can tell a poster from their typing, spelling and grammar. The only proper way to most to Usenet is to use the Re mailer Network with a PGP digital signature. That why you can prove if is or is not your post. Only post to one newsgroup, do not cross post. If I was the President of the USA or well known person posting via a Re mailer and the Re mailer Network is the only way to post to Usenet.

    There a is project called the Usenet Improvement Project where many professionals will not even answer a Google poster. They call them Google Grouper's.

    The reality of the Internet is that there is a lot of fraud. Identity theft is a really big issue. If you use your own name on the Net people can steal your ID and know all your personal details. As has been said in the thread that it can effect a job you apply for. In the USA any decent job they do several things in the hiring process. The do a drug test, a credit check (you should keep good credit as it can effect many jobs), they do a criminal background check, they do a security check with the Feds to make sure you are not a terrorist or commercial spy. The most recent thing they do is a Google search to run your name though Usenet and Google to see what you have been saying on the Net. It can effect if they will hire you or not.

    System Administrator's make the big mistake of using their own name on the Net in professional newsgroups and a determined Cracker can learn vital information about the System Administrators Network. So start to think seriously about when you start posting to Usenet and do not use your own name.

    Some people like to use their own name on the Net as it lucks good for their professional image. This is totally false. It can put the organization they work for at risk.
    Crackers and Hackers read the newsgroups, they read 24hoursupport.helpdesk all the time looking for Computers and Networks to brake into. Controlled computers are called zombies. They are used by the spamers to spam the Internet and used as computer to launch attacks on Networks. As a reformed cracker I can tell you this is the way it is.Do not use your own name on the Net.
    Borked Pseudo Mailed, Nov 11, 2007
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