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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Graham., Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Graham.

    Graham. Guest

    "uruy" <> wrote in message
    > Nice bit of kit , bought from gradwell and came
    > preconfigured for some numbers i redirected
    > working wonderfully , very clear lines
    > question is ! , my landline !! can i run tht thru the grandstream
    > no sign of any socket ? dont think i can
    > I think I can plug landline into back of router , fine Ok
    > but still means having two phones !! anyway of running my standard
    > landline thru the grandstream ?
    > PAUK

    No, but if your router has VoIP facilities, can't you point
    that at Gradwell instead? What is it anyway?


    Graham., Jul 26, 2008
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  2. TheFug

    TheFug Guest

    Jono schreef:
    > on 26/07/2008, uruy supposed :
    >> "No, but if your router has VoIP facilities, can't you point
    >> that at Gradwell instead? What is it anyway?"
    >> what is what ? my router ? thats BT hub , it has a voip line yip
    >> thats no problem BUT but separate to that i also have a standard BT
    >> landline like to
    >> ditch the phone and let calls go thru grandstream , purely from a
    >> conviience of not having
    >> second phon kicking about on my desk but i dont thinks it going to
    >> be possible it ? run it thru the grandstream ?

    > Not directly, no.
    > If you have inclusive calls on your landline, you could divert calls to
    > your Gradwell number.
    > You could purchase something like the Linksys SPA3102 or Grandstream 488
    > <>
    > With some clever programming, I'm sure you could make your new phone
    > ring on incoming calls to your BT line; not without some extra
    > equipment, though. (or a diversion)

    It's possible with the SPA3102. i fond this article some time ago on

    Re: AASTRA 57i to SPA3102 to POTS Setup Help
    I would say at the start, I'm not knowledgeable about Aastra ip phones.
    I did, however, glance at the user guide. I would first get the outgoing
    calls working from the SPA to the ip phone.

    If you wish to dedicate a line on the Aastra ip phone you would setup
    the following on the IP Phone:

    proxy: (where is the SPA3102 ip address
    and 5061 is the port number of the pstn line port on the SPA3102).
    userid: userid (where userid is the "VoIP User n Auth ID" that you setup
    under VoIP Users and Passwords (HTTP Authentication) on the SPA3102
    password: password (where password is the "VoIP User n Password" that
    you setup under VoIP Users and Passwords (HTTP Authentication) on the

    You setup the line not to register

    On the SPA3102 on the PSTN line tab you setup the following:

    Line Enable: Yes
    Register: NO
    Make Call Without Reg: YES (used later for making a call from the
    SPA3102 pots line)
    Ans Call Without Reg: YES
    VoIP-To-PSTN Gateway Enable:YES
    VoIP Caller Auth Method:Http Digest
    One Stage Dialing: YES

    VoIP User 1 Auth ID: userid (the userid you setup above)
    VoIP User 1 Password: password (the password you setup above)

    VoIP Answer Delay: 0

    If all is setup properly you dial the pstn phone number that you wish to
    dial on the Aestra ip phone and the ip phone sends a sip invite to the
    SPA3102 which receives the invite and dials the number on the PSTN line.

    I would mention that there is an alternative way to configure the
    SPA3102 where you call the SPA3102 and it returns a dialtone for the
    pstn line to the caller.

    After the above is working, to get calls going the other way you would
    setup the following on the IP Phone. I will assume that you will use ip
    dialing to call the aastra phone.

    On the Line 1 tab set:
    Enable ip dialing: YES

    On the PSTN Line tab set:

    dial plan 2: (<:>S0) where is the Aastra
    ip phone ip address and 5066 is the aastra phone line port number)

    PSTN-To-VoIP Gateway Enable:YES
    PSTN Caller Auth Method: None
    PSTN Caller Default DP: 2 (the dial plan you setup above)
    Off Hook While Calling VoIP: NO
    PSTN Answer Delay:nn (set the number of seconds the phone should ring on
    the SPA3102 before the pstn-to-VoIP gateway takes over and calls the
    aastra phone)

    If all is setup properly an incoming pstn line call will "ring-thru" to
    the phone attached to the SPA3102 for the number of seconds set in PSTN
    Answer Delay. If the phone is not answered, the pstn-to-VoIP gateway
    will then automatically dial the aastra phone.

    Bedankt, Thanks,

    The Fug.

    VoIP/SIP switched by:
    A free service sponsored by
    TheFug, Aug 3, 2008
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