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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by VanguardLH, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. VanguardLH

    VanguardLH Guest

    Sarah Houston wrote:

    > I need this service from SOMEONE, but it looks like Google will never
    > release it publicly.
    > It's SO frustrating, because I need my home and cell to ring at the same
    > time, or even to have the same number if possible, so I can avoid the
    > hassles of forwarding.

    Grand Central was initially funded by Minor Ventures and then bought by
    Google in July 2007. Sometime in spring of 2008, Google yanked all the
    invites. Any invites in a current user's inventory were nullified (they
    wouldn't work). Google put up a page to request reserving an account
    back in April 2008 but no one has reported getting a response (i.e., no
    one is getting an account after asking repeatedly for 8 months). They
    have all the voluntary alpha testers needed to debug the service and
    provide a load to test it. While it is free to those that managed to
    get an account before Google cut off the invites, they are planning on
    charging $10/month for it when they release it.

    If you didn't manage to get a Grand Central account, and because Google
    isn't sending out any more invites, just figure that this service no
    longer exists to the public. It's not a choice for the not-haves. To
    those without an account, simply consider Grand Central as a dead
    offering. After all, the draw was that it was free but that disappears
    when they go public.

    I suppose you could go with Phone Fusion and pay the $10 now for the
    service that Google's Grand Central will charge you later if and when
    they finally make public that service.
    VanguardLH, Jan 11, 2009
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  2. VanguardLH

    VanguardLH Guest

    Sarah Houston wrote:

    > I wasnt aware of Phone Fusion. Can it do the same thing? Ring both my
    > home and cell at the same time, and I can pick up whichever one?

    Visit their web site. They explain it. Looks like they do the same
    thing by ringing multiple destination phone numbers when a call is
    received on your "main" number. They have a Contact Us link to ask them
    pre-sales questions. They have a FAQ there and even an online manual to
    read up on how to use their service.

    I saw mention of transferring a call to another number (while the caller
    hears on-hold music). From their online guide on how to use their web
    site, page 13:

    You can have up to 15 phone numbers listed as the destination when
    forwarding an incoming call. You can choose to ring them in series or
    in parallel (all at once). There are scheduling options for each phone
    number to decide when you will forward calls to it (in series or
    VanguardLH, Jan 11, 2009
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