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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by chino2, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. chino2

    chino2 Guest

    Considering that the end user is not subjected to the text in question ..
    why would you find a "creative" approach toward gaining a higher ranking
    than one's competitors "offensive" ? I guess I just might be overseeing why
    this may be harmful .. perhaps you might be willing to offer me some graeter
    insight into this subject than what I derived from your post? Please don't
    consider my remarks as an attempt to "flame" or otherwise belittle myself by
    attacking others in a "help" group.. just curious .. chino2 ..

    "Steve Houston" <> wrote in message
    > Some people are spammimn to google by hidden text and doorway pages
    > and getting top ranking, Is google technology is not enough to detect
    > this here are the examplw
    > Website
    > Hidden text used as:-
    > <H1 class=h1>Web Designing India, Domain Registration India and
    > designing
    > services delhi and Web Hosting India with search engine optimization
    > india
    > website hosting.</H1><SPAN class=hosting>Designing website in delhi
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    > and website hosting chennai kolkata bangalore india designs. Free Web
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    > hosting
    > services . Usa uk website designing companies - big company india for
    > website optimization bombay mumbai delhi and bangalore, lucknow,
    > kanpur,
    > noida. Affordable rates designing low cost hosting and website
    > registration in india. Low charges and rates affordable price domain
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    > and
    > registartion registration delhi mumbai kolkata lucknow and designing
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    > india internet services, affordable price and low cost indian firm
    > company
    > new delhi kolkata mumbai bombay. India Web Hosting, Web cheap web
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    > designing india webdesigning usa uk webhosting india, lucknow kanpur
    > industries factories. Noida nagpur bahraich, meerut kerala hosting
    > chandigarh punjab "domain name registration" amritsar noida industry
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    > search optimization and ranking promotion in Lucknow hosting Kanpur -
    > Florida registration Canada - USA UK indian company hosting and
    > website
    > designing firm, companies delhi and mumbai and bangalore, florida -
    > </SPAN><SPAN class=hosting><FONT color=navy face=Verdana size=5>Usa
    > and Uk
    > web designing cheap affordable rates web designs and web designers in
    > india mumbai with high ranking in google and yahoo - web promotion
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    > and website ranking affordable prices india site optimization.</FONT>
    > Guaranteed website optimization for higher search engine ranking
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    > diego - switzerland web designing... </SPAN>
    > By using text color code black in style sheet
    > And see dooray pages like thousand of this site which google is
    > ranking first
    > It seems that google technology is becoming poor that such people are
    > getting top ranking with hidden text and doorway pages
    > Steve
    chino2, Aug 4, 2003
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