Re: Good email Program without problems that plague Outlook 2007

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by thanatoid, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. thanatoid

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    Jim McCardle <> wrote in

    > I have a friend who used to use Netsacape for all his
    > emails, it seemed to handle a large number of emails
    > without the so called 2gb limit or problems.
    > I use outlook 2007 and my pst file is about 4gb. Outlook
    > shits itself from time to time because of this.
    > I want to be able to save my emails easily as per the
    > folders (in Outlook) as it is easy to find an old email
    > this way, but not with Outlook once you have a swag of
    > emails.
    > What email program would be a better replacement.
    > I am using Google Chrome as my browser and gmail for my
    > webmail. I ideally would like to be able to backup all my
    > mail from gmail so I can clear a lot of it. I use gmail so
    > that when we are away I do not have problems with my inbox
    > on my normal ISP filling up and losing any excess emails.
    > Thanks in advance
    > ===============================================

    It depends on how much work you are willing to do.

    Personally, I cannot comprehend how anyone could accumulate a
    4GB (I assume you actually DO mean gigabytes) of emails in one
    file. But that's web-mail and attachments and all that crap for
    you I guess. I'm not into that - I save attachments separately
    by subject etc. and I do NOT do webmail.

    And having a single HUGE email file can only lead to problems
    sooner or later - just for starters, if it ever gets corrupted,
    it's all gone. Not to mentionm backing it up must be REAL fun.

    I use nPOP (set-up for POP g-mail access but in my case that is
    a throwaway address anyway however there's no reason why you
    can't have 5 g-mail accounts set up with nPOP - I have a few
    other /real/ accounts; hotmail does not allow POP access, and it
    only works with XP and Vista, and it is DEAD AFAIAC). nPOP is a
    190KB exe plus a few other files. Every 2 months I take the
    mailbox* and savebox* files and save them in a backup dir. and a
    while later I rar them. They are strictly text - no html crap
    all over the place - if there is any (in emails from clueless
    friends), I remove that, and as I mentioned, I save attachments
    separately - so it's all txt files.

    Any decent file manager or even just a decent text editor allows
    me to find anything I want very quickly.

    I am also in the habit of deleting /all/ mail on whatever server
    it may come from once I have it on my computer. It's MY email,
    not google's. Etc.

    Of course, for those who can not accept the idea of using a
    200KB program, there are several dozen, perhaps a hundred, other
    email programs, most of them for webmail, many for both, one or
    two ONLY for POP, some big, some pretty damn huge.

    I like small, but that's just me. Well-written small programs
    (something NO Microsoft software has EVER been) do the job and
    are usually fast as hell too.

    Any software site will have lots of mail programs, and many are
    free. Since everyone wants something different, I suggest you
    just try some out. No one can tell you what YOU will like.

    Pegasus gets recommended a lot, IIRC. I never tried it. Opera
    has an e-mail client built-in but I have never tried it either.

    "May you live in interesting times."
    (curse, origin disputed)
    thanatoid, Nov 28, 2008
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