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    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of your for your
    support/advice, and for sharing your personal experience. You guys
    will begin to see me around very much, as I will begin helping out the
    IT Community in whatever I can. After doing some research, and reading
    all of your advise, read my final results below for each of my
    previously posted questions.


    Julio (DJ)


    > 1. How do you guys read your newsgroup subscriptions? Software or
    > Via Web? List which do you use.

    I am using Google Groups Reader Beta (GG) to read/post newsgroup
    messages. Keep in mind GG doesnt hide your email address, and your
    forced to use a valid google mail account. Although, Google Help
    states the last few characters of your email are being masked, this
    only works for other users using Google. Other Newsreaders, will show
    full email. Spam can become an issue, although currently, Google has
    done great at taking care of SPAM for me, thus far.

    I also used Windows Live Mail Desktop (WLMD), which I found it to be
    good, but ran into 2 main drawbacks. Everything lies in the
    Application only, meaning there is no web interface, and if you install
    WLMD on another computer, none of your settings will come with it. The
    other issue is be it that I use read/post to newsgroups during
    lunch/break at work, I cant access newsgroups via NNTP (Port 119),
    since its blocked by our proxy servers.

    > 2. Which web portals do you recommend to use to read/respond to posts
    > & blogs during lunch/break at work? (At work I cant access newsgroups
    > or blogs via a program or nntp)

    I am using GG from work, and WLMD from home for reading/posting
    newsgroup messages.

    > 3. What program do you guys use for managing your blog subscriptions?
    > Software or Via Web? List which do you use.

    I've always used Bloglines for reading blogs, but I am currently
    entertaining the idea of moving to Google Reader for blogs.

    > 4. How do you keep track of all the messages you've posted or replied
    > too, this way you can follow-up on it, in case someone responds?

    I enable watch on messages I post in newsgroups using WLMD at home.
    When at work, I use GG and it keeps tracks of messages I have posted.

    > 5. Do you guys provide your email address in your posts? If you do,
    > how do you handle protecting yourself from spam? If you dont, how
    > does anyone ever get a hold of you, if needed?

    I created a new email address (Google Mail) for the purpose of posting
    newsgroup messages, and in the near future the blog I will be creating.
    Google is taking care of the SPAM very well. In order to not track
    emails on various accounts, I am forwarding all my other email address
    to this account, and then using filters to tag the mail as Personal, or
    what not.

    > 6. Out of curiosity, what email provider do you use, and what program
    > do you use to read your emails?

    Currently, I am primarily using Google Mail (Clients: Web & WLMD), and
    its working great. At work, I am using Exchange 2003 (Client: Outlook
    2003). In the near future, I will be testing out the trial versions of
    Office 2007 & Exchange 2007 at home.

    > 7. What do I need to do to make sure I get credit for giving back to
    > the community, this way I can work my way up to an MVP?

    I was just curious about this, since I had some friends that were
    MVP's. Nonetheless, I am not going to concentrate on this, but rather
    in my spare time just help as many people as possible, just as I've
    been helped in the past, and will continue to need help in future

    > 8. How else can I become part of the IT community and start giving
    > back and networking? Any Ideas?

    I am going to be attending more often the VMware User Group & Cisco
    User Group in Miami, FL, and take on a more acitve role. I am also
    looking at becoming a member of Comptia.

    1. Google Groups Beta (GG) ->
    2. Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta ->

    1. Google Reader ->
    2. Bloglines ->

    1. Google Mail ->

    1. Comptia Professional Membership ->
    Julio (DJ), Dec 21, 2006
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