Re: Gigaset firmware update. (S685ip)

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Paul Jones, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Paul Jones

    Paul Jones Guest

    On Thu, 12 Nov 2009 14:46:29 +0000, ""
    <> wrote:

    > wrote:
    >> Just realised I've been using for 3 years for inbound
    >> calls. Doesn't time fly.

    >Arghhhhhh While printing of some voipfone invoices I found the following
    >on their forum:
    >"Siemens Firmware Upgrade, DON'T Update
    >We've had a number of calls today from Siemens phone users having issues
    >today since upgrading the firmware on their phone.
    >If you see your phone pop up showing a request to update, please don't
    >upgrade the firmware at this stage"
    >Ho Hum... time will tell.
    >Bugger bugger bugger.

    Mine seems fine. Noticed a new menu item for "Call Manager" in "Number
    Assignment". Not sure what it is for yet. Unless it has always been
    there and I missed it before.

    I have noticed it is very quick now using Firefox. Used to take an age
    to move through the menus.
    Paul Jones, Nov 12, 2009
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  2. Paul Jones

    Paul Jones Guest

    On Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:14:22 +0000, Paul Jones
    <> wrote:

    >I have noticed it is very quick now using Firefox. Used to take an age
    >to move through the menus.

    It is mentioned in the readme file:

    Gigaset C470 IP / C475 IP / S675 IP / S685 IP Firmware update 11/2009

    Download version: 02214

    New features:

    * VoIP: Call transfer also possible for incoming calls.*
    * VoIP: Performs audio codec negotiation up- and downwards during a
    * VoIP: Acoustic signalling of received out-of-band DTMF-tones during a
    * Web Configurator: new languages - Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
    English is preinstalled. The rest of the available languages will be
    downloaded when they are selected.
    * Web Configurator (Settings/Telephony/Number Assignment): Enhanced
    Auto-Fallback implemented. If the call via IP fails, the phone will
    automatically dial via next active IP account, trying all IP accounts
    one by one.***
    * Web Configurator (Settings/Telephony/Number Assignment): Support of a
    web-based "Call Manager" for incoming and outgoing calls. Works under
    the premise: IP provider runs a BroadSoft-system.*
    * Web Configurator (Settings/TelephonyAdvanced Settings): Auto DTMF
    negotiation implemented.
    * Web Configurator (Settings/Security): Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    for Gigaset auto-configuration and TR-069 implemented.*/**
    * Switzerland: Free VoIP calls between Gigaset IP phones via
    If the entry is not in the directory, the handset has to be
    re-registered at the base station.

    Provider relevant features:
    - SIP over TCP: The prefered transport protocol (UDP/TCP) can be set via
    the provider profile.
    - Period for the automatic check of provider settings is configurable
    via the provider profile.
    - Web Configurator (Settings/IP Configuration): VLAN-Tagging for virtual
    networks implemented.*/**
    - TR-069: Support of Auto-Configuration Server (ACS): Alcatel/Lucent and
    Gigaset Software Suite.
    - Interoperability with softswitches: Asterisk (V 1.4.18), Broadsoft
    (R14SP5), IP Centrex, Sylantro AS (V4.1.1), Nortel CS2K.


    * Enhanced reliability of service through implementation of
    a RTP-Proxy.
    * Web Configurator: Support of Internet Explorer 8.0 and Mozilla Firefox
    3.5 (with MS Vista) improved.
    * Telephonebook down-/upload via Web Configurator: vCards are now
    uploaded correctly.
    * Improved behaviour during conference calls.*
    * Automatic check for firmware and provider profile updates improved.
    * SMS via IP: reception of linked SMS improved.*
    * CLIP for Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, Great Britain: error correction.
    * Correction of Russian display texts.

    Provider relevant features:
    - Handling of audio codec G729 improved.
    - VoIP: support of "0+<Number>" format for incoming calls (CLIP).*

    Known Bugs:

    * Web Configurator (Settings/Services): incorrect provider names in the
    online-directory list. The functionality is not affected by that.
    Paul Jones, Nov 12, 2009
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