Re: Generic Host Process Error Message on Startup

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Wizard, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Wizard

    Wizard Guest

    Zuani <publicid@"quitar"> wrote:
    > Another possible track:
    > - with aid of the Autoruns de Sysinternals
    > from a
    > session initiated like administrator, I stop the services Audio of
    > Windows (AudioSrv) and Server (Lanmanserver), and like consequence,
    > in the next start it appears the warning of error "Generic Host
    > Process for Win32 Services" (Svchost.exe Id. 1004 already detailed).
    > - directly from Windows (start -> run -> services.msc), I next stop
    > first and cancel services above-mentioned both Audio and Server. Next
    > and with connection to Internet I open the Outlook Express by means
    > of "Run as..." introducing the data of a limited account and consult
    > if there are new emails. As it was explained in post previous, always
    > gives back the error of "Generic Host for Process Win32 Services" at
    > the start in the following session, after executing the O.E. of the
    > form now indicated and with the configuration of the services by
    > defect; nevertheless, in this case with these two cancel services, no
    > longer the error reproduces (after the test, logically I return to
    > leave the services with its original configuration). The question
    > continues being the same one but I hope that a little more fugitive:
    > as what we have in common in our machines that in certain
    > reproducibles actions, enter conflict with AudioSrv and Lanmanserver?
    > Personally I do not have a clear idea of hard or software that has
    > more possibilities of being the cause, so there will be to continue
    > inquiring and testing, and in special, if a participant of the Group
    > thinks more that she can center the suspicions before something
    > directly related.

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    beetle-browed hooligan fears a gospel singer.
    Wizard, Mar 14, 2005
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