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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Paul H., Jul 28, 2003.

  1. Paul H.

    Paul H. Guest

    <> wrote in message news:...
    > I am trying out my new G3 and am happy with te image quality except
    > for one picture. It has prominent jaggies on a diagonal. This is
    > viewing it in Irfanview. I have not printed it to see if it is there
    > on prints. Is this a problem with this camera? If it is, it looks
    > like I can reduce in camera sharpening on P but not in auto (assuming
    > that will help). Is this a frequent problem? How can I correct it?
    > Any suggestions are appeciated.

    I imagine the jaggies are caused by Moire-type interference between the
    pixels along the lines in the photo and the spacing of the phosphor dots on
    your monitor. Since you're using Irfanview, try mousing out a rectangle
    containing a section of the jagged line and enlarging it several times; I
    bet you reach a point at which the jaggies seem to disappear.

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that all monitors are fairly low-resolution
    devices and viewing a photo on a monitor is kind of like looking at the
    world through a finely-meshed screen door. Most of the time everything
    viewed through the door seems fine, but occasionally on the other side of
    the screen objects pass by possessing lines at angles which cause optical
    interference with the mesh and you can clearly see interference patterns
    from your side of the screen. I think that's the source of your jaggies.

    However, if the jaggies are indeed present, you can suppress them using
    Photoshop Elements by running a small, anti-aliasing blur brush along the
    offending line(s), or you can select a region containing the line, feather a
    few pixels, and then apply a global blur to the selected region. There are
    lots of other ways to handle this type of situation using a good-quality
    image editor.

    Good luck.
    Paul H., Jul 28, 2003
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