Re: Fuji Finepix A303 or Olympus Stylus 300?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Don B, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Don B

    Don B Guest

    frank1492 wrote:
    > I have researched both of these cameras and am in a bit
    > of a quandry. I have a Fuji MX-1200 (very satisfied) but would
    > like to upgrade to 3MP. I gather neither of these cameras
    > take multiple media types, a bummer because I have lots
    > of Smartmedia, but I am willing to go along with this since
    > it is clear that the technology is advancing!
    > The Fuji has a slightly faster lense (f 2.8 vs f 3.1) which
    > I think is important. Flash range is important too, but Fuji publishes
    > the specs on this and Olympus doesn't. I also like the Fuji
    > "wheel," very convenient in my book, but I realize the
    > Fuji does use the old battery technology (2 AA's.)
    > The color rendition of my old MX-1200 has always
    > been very pleasing. I have compared it against image
    > quality of its contemporary Olympi and have preferred it.
    > (Two problems: The MX-1200 had a very slow lense and
    > the so-called "blob" problem, yet I am still inclined to buy
    > another Fuji unless someone can tell me why I shouldn't.)
    > Final plus for the Fuji: $249 at Best Buy, vs $399 for
    > the Olympus, plus you get an extra 64MP XD card when
    > you buy the Fuji.
    > So Iam leaning toward the Fuji. But your thoughts would
    > be very much appreciated. I could be swayed by a strong
    > case for the Olympus...
    > Thank you!
    > Frank
    > P.S. Small size is important hence I have rejected cameras
    > like the Olympus 5050 and others, even though I know they
    > have multiple media capabilities and other advantages.

    I can't tell you for sure which is the better camera, I did just buy the
    Fuji A303 because of it's small size and the mega-pixel rating, I wanted
    a grab and shoot camera that I could drop in my pocket. I just got it
    and haven't had any pictures printed out of it yet, but if you decide on
    the Fuji check out's web site, if I had purchased mine at
    Best Buy it would have cost me $249.00 plus 6.25% sales tax and they
    didn't say anything about getting a 64 meg card with it. I got mine from
    newegg for $225.00 with free shipping and if I would have ordered the 64
    meg card with it, that would have been $32.00 with free shipping, so I
    would have sill saved 7 or 8 dollars over Best Buy if they would have
    given me a free 64 meg card.

    Don B, Jul 21, 2003
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