Re: Fritz Box 7170 Dialing Rules

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by cybuerke, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. cybuerke

    cybuerke Guest

    On 10/04/11 09:23, Anti-Spam wrote:
    > Finally got my new Fritz Boz 7170, to replace my Linksys SPA3102.
    > I can confirm it solves the echo problem I was getting with SPA3102.
    > After getting bogged down in the technicalities of VOIP with the
    > SPA3102, the friitz box was remarkably easy to install, and works
    > straight out the box. Would certainly recommend to newbies who just
    > want to add a VOIP option to their existing fixed landline phone and
    > ADSL internet system.
    > I am on low bandwidth here, so the automatic priority that the router
    > section gives to voip call data traffic is very welcome.
    > The web based menu system is aimed an non-voip conversant users, so
    > after working with the spa3102, seems a little too simple, but it does
    > the job.
    > The Fritz box does not appear to digitize the fixed landline phone
    > signal, like the SPA3102 does, just switches it straight through the
    > box, which works a dream. I was getting echo even on the landline
    > calls with the SPA3102, what is that all about?
    > I have a small problem I would like help with please, as I cannot find
    > the answer in the documentation that came with the Fritz box, it
    > concerns Dialing rules.
    > Because I get free national calls with Telefonica, I dont want to use
    > the VOIP connection for those calls. So here is what I would like to
    > achieve.
    > Any number starting 00, to go out over the VOIP line
    > Any other number to go out over the Fixed line
    > TIA.
    > Mark in Spain.

    The dialling rules are so simple, it's almost an insult!

    In Telephony > Dialing Rules:

    Number = 00 Connect via = Internet

    Number = 112 Connect via = Fixed Line

    Number = 9 Connect via = Fixed Line

    Will see you OK.
    cybuerke, Apr 10, 2011
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