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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by nospam, Nov 22, 2012.

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    > My Son got his wife a Nikon DSLR for Christmas, and I'd like to get her a flash
    > for it, at his recommendation. All he told me was that it's a 24 point something
    > megapixel camera. Looking at the Nikon models, unless my Son is nuts and got
    > her (a total beginner with a DLSR) a high end Nikon, I'm guessing he got her a
    > D3200
    > or a D5200. My question is, will the Nikon SB400 flash work alright with the
    > camera? As I said, she's used to taking pictures (of my Grand-daughters) with
    > her phone, so she's not a pro photographer and won't be shooting weddings!
    > Thanks for any input or other suggestions.

    the sb400 will work fine, but if she's a total beginner, then i'd
    suggest not getting her a flash. there is already a flash built into
    the camera and she has enough to figure out anyway.

    the sb400 is a low end flash and one of its main limitations is it does
    not swivel, making it not that much better than what's built into the
    camera. it's a little more powerful (can work at greater distances) and
    can tilt to bounce light off the ceiling, but that's about it.

    the sb700 and 900 are quite good and add quite a bit of features to the
    mix, but more money.

    what types of photos is she going to take? just the grandkids or is she
    going to do other stuff too? does she even need a flash?

    another thing to consider is that slrs these days work quite well
    indoors without flash, and for candid photos, often looks better that
    nospam, Nov 22, 2012
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