Re: Filemaker Pro 6.0 version 1 taking from 45 minutes to 2 hours to launch?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Idris Alooma, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Idris Alooma

    Idris Alooma Guest

    In article <>,
    > I believe the glitch to which you are referring was resolved in the next 5.5
    > rev-- probably 5.5v2. In any event, my memory is that it prevented, not
    > delayed, launching. A long, but ultimately successful launch is more likely
    > due (on Windows) to too many .tmp files, too many fonts installed for
    > Filemaker, or a corrupt font. On Win2K (I imagine the process is similar on
    > XP), you can remove extaneous .tmp files by running Disk Cleanup:
    > Programs
    > Accessories
    > System Tools
    > Disk Cleanup
    > To remove extraneous fonts in Filemaker, in Layout mode select
    > 'Configure/More Fonts' from Font in the Format menu, and delete unnecessary
    > fonts.

    Well John,,,

    I read your advice, but since I had already done the "Tools-internet
    options- delete cookies and delete files thing in IE6.0 when a female
    here suggested that I remove temporary files,I figured I had already
    deleted them. The font thing I don't understand at all so I was
    reluctant to mess with that.

    Anyway a couple of hours ago, I realized that I had went from a full
    27Gb drive to a 120 GB drive back in last fall, or early in the spring.
    Then I remembered that because I had this huge drive I was no longer
    doing the disk maintenance that I was forced to do with the out of space
    27 GB drive.

    So I began looking around on my hard drive for a program that would
    clean up my disk. you suggested one, but for some reason I didn't like
    using that one.

    so after scanning my hard disk for a few minutes, an alarm went off in
    my head that I had Norton systemworks 2003 on my computer. That suite
    came with a program called "Clean Sweep"

    So after that revelation I opened up Norton systemworks and ran "Clean

    It told me after a while that it could remove 276MB of stuff. I noticed
    it went immediately to the "find TMP files" and stayed there for about
    five minutes cranking away.

    It finally finished and asked me to "Clean now" so I did.

    Then I clicked on the icon to run FM 6.0. The Filemaker 6.0 screen
    snapped up so quickly I almost fell out of the chair. So I sat and
    watched it humming away. Finally about 60 to 90 seconds later the second
    screen asking me what I wanted to open popped up. It was ready to go.
    That is the first time it has opened that fast in months. So obviously
    you all were right. I don't know where the TMP files were, but they had
    obviously grown to a large size, and were having an effect on FM 6.0

    I can definitely live with it taking about 75 seconds to open instead of
    75 minutes.

    Now if someone will kindly tell me what fonts are necessary. I will
    attempt to delete the rest tomorrow. Perhaps that will make it launch
    even faster.

    A thousand thanks to the two of you who suggested that I remove "TMP
    files. (smile) :))

    I'm as happy as a mouse in a cheese factory now. I'm going to move all
    of my dating service information from Access 2002 to FM 6.0 tomorrow.

    I read an excellent PC magazine article from January 2003 where they
    rated FM the overall best of all the top databases. That's good enough
    for me. I know how to use Access, but I find FM to be so much simpler
    for the flatfile type work that I do with databases.

    And so it goes!
    Idris Alooma, Sep 29, 2003
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