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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. "Steve B" <> wrote in message
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    >> "Steve B" <> wrote in message
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    >>>I am getting slammed for NOT doing Facebook. First, it takes time, but I
    >>>hear from everyone that it doesn't take THAT much time. Looking at it,
    >>>it takes more time than I want to put into a self portrait.
    >>> Secondly, I'm just not up to putting a snapshot of my personal life up
    >>> for the world to see and find.
    >>> Thirdly, I am beginning a blog, and if it takes off, I shall have some
    >>> degree of fame, and don't want the visibility of Facebook.
    >>> Lastly, I have heard of all sorts of malware and viruses that inhabit
    >>> Facebook, and am wary.
    >>> There's probably more.
    >>> Am I paranoid? What's your take?
    >>> This from a guy who's been waiting to buy a mp3 player to see if they
    >>> would catch on or not. I'm a little slow to get new things.
    >>> Steve

    >> Those telling you Facebook doesn't take up much time are either lying to
    >> you, or too long means something different to them. I only recently
    >> joined Facebook persuaded by an old friend. As a result, I've been
    >> vitually reunited with my old military buddies. While it's nice to chat
    >> with my old friends, it has been a drain on the little time I have
    >> available: usually half an hour to an hour depending who has what to say
    >> about what current events, 15 mins minimum. Mostly who saw what movie,
    >> what's for dinner, and Remember When.
    >> However, if you are seeking fame, I'm not sure why you don't want the
    >> visibility of Facebook. It's THE thing and is widely used by business
    >> people and such.
    >> I haven't come across any viruses, but heard about 1 going around.
    >> Everything's a target these days, so I guess you have to weigh it all.
    >> One of the biggest complaints among Facebook users is that FB keeps
    >> making changes to its appearance and formats, and sometimes it's quirky.
    >> Overall, as a recent FB member, I recommend not joining.

    > TYVM. I'm getting ready to publish a blog, and need all the traffic I can
    > get.

    Then publish an interesting blog, whatever that means. If you blog isn't
    interesting, then your Facebook probably won't help.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 8, 2010
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  2. "Steve B" <> wrote in message
    > "Jeff Strickland" <> wrote
    >> Then publish an interesting blog, whatever that means. If you blog isn't
    >> interesting, then your Facebook probably won't help.

    > I will be buying about 25 url's, and writing about my personal experiences
    > with heart disease. 20 year history and my sister is a historically
    > significant person in the patient area. Web logging (blogging) is
    > dependent on traffic if you want to make money. If you're just writing
    > about you and your favorite sheep, it's just a fun thing. I want to make
    > money. As much as I can.
    > Steve

    Good luck with that. Seriously.

    I don't know what the business model looks like for a blogger, but I'm
    certain that your blog has to be interesting to attract hits, and I assume

    You seem concerned that Facebook might expose you to malicious computer
    ickies. I'm not sure it will, but I understand the reservations you have.

    Maybe the approach you should use is to not open a Facebook yet, and see
    what happens with the blog as a stand-alone. I'd guess that you have bought
    links on various medical pages that persons aflicted with the health issues
    you have are already prone to visiting, and they will find your blog as a
    natural extension of the search they are doing relative to the condition
    they share with you. I don't use Facebook, and it wouldn't occur to me to go
    there seeking information on my heart ailment, so using that as the basis,
    I'm not sure what Facebook has to offer your venture. If Facebook has a
    place to create a buddy list (or whatever they call it) based on Medical
    Conditions, then maybe you need a Facebook account.

    Facebook is free, but I'm not sure that they want you to use it for a
    commercial venture -- making money is a commercial venture, no matter how
    you make your money.

    IF Facebook is a viable place where your readers will find your blog, then
    maybe Craig's List has an opportunity to capture bloggers also. While it
    wouldn't occur to me to go to Craig's List for medical advice, it does have
    a medical section and various Personals that might be a fit for you venture.
    Just a thought.

    Good luck.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 8, 2010
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