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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Enrico Guado, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Enrico Guado

    Enrico Guado Guest

    I signed up for EOL (Europe Online: about
    three weeks ago and can honestly say that their service (which costs
    around UKP110 per year) is absolutely amazing. I cannot think of any
    purchase that I have made in the last few years that so completely
    lived up to or exceeded expectations.

    I was worried about latency etc... some people told me I was going to
    have to wait 6 seconds or so for each new page, but this is completely
    untrue. Since 1st September their SkyBooster service was discontinued
    (this was a price per MB service which I can imagine would have cost
    me a small fortune) and was replaced by 'FastSurf'. OK, you do have a
    limit of 1GB surfing per month, but the speed is amazing and very
    immediate (meaning no noticeable delay). You can purchase additional
    'bandwidth packs' for around UKP7 per GB (which I already did…) which
    can be used over the one year subscription period as a backup for when
    you exceed your monthly limit (which I already did!).

    They give you another 1GB of deferred FTP access that is a little
    awkward to use initially. At the point where you would have downloaded
    a file via FTP from your browser a little window pops up to ask if you
    want to download via 'FileFetch'. The EOL server gets the file for you
    and posts a message in your personal file area on their WWW site when
    it is available for download. When the file is available you are told
    a time when it will be 'pushed' to you over a 2Mbps link, if you miss
    the ‘push' you have another three days to keep trying. Software
    (FAZZT) running on your PC in the background handles the download,
    verifies it and stuffs it in a download directory. I have only just
    started to use this service, but it is simple to use when you get your
    head around it. If it all seems too complicated, then you can still do
    a normal FTP download with your WWW browser, but the data volume comes
    off your monthly 1GB FastSurf total.

    EOL also has a large collection of files (games, updates, music,
    videos, software etc...) which you can select via their WWW site and
    download for free (again, at 2Mbps). It works on a first come, first
    serve basis meaning in reality you can wait up to 24 hours for the
    files. Since the FAZZT software handles the download via the incoming
    DVB data stream there is no need to be connected to the internet at
    the time of the download. You can also elect to download files
    currently waiting in the download queue (in other words, what other
    subscribers have requested). I downloaded the entire RedHat V9 Linux
    set a couple of nights ago (almost 2GB!!!). Oh yes, and a whole load
    of Linux applications. All for free.

    EOL also have free streaming TV and music channels (including a porn
    channel, not that I have ever watched it of course!). They also give
    you a free film once per month that you download via the deferred
    downloading system (again, at 2Mbps).

    BTW, the initial UKP110/year includes a PCI DVB adapter card (no dish
    or LNB of course) that can also be used to watch Satellite TV on your
    PC. Since my wife is always hogging the TV it is quite nice sometimes.
    There are also a lot of viewing packages for these DVB cards out there
    for those that want to experiment [sic!].

    They also give you five email accounts and there is an off-line email
    delivery notification system that I haven't installed up to now.

    Anything negative? Well, nothing that I can think of. The proxy
    settings can be a little difficult if you never used them, but there
    is a wealth of information on their WWW site which got me up and
    running first time around. EOL claims that the service is not
    compatible with P2P software, but KaZaA works just fine with the proxy
    settings (I leave it up to your imagination how well that works!!!).
    The free films are antiques, but what the hell!

    The only real problem I have is that my wife uses our positioner to
    move to Hotbird once in a while (I'me working with a twin LNB). We're
    moving in a couple of months and I will set up another dish just for
    EOL then…

    All in all, if you live outside an urban area (or on an island, like
    me) this service is Godsend. I am really, really happy that I
    subscribed. I just hope they can keep the bandwidth up with the

    If anyone wants any help, please email me.
    Enrico Guado, Sep 27, 2003
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