Re: Epson Stylus Photo R2400 - flashing red lights on two top buttons?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Rob, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    On 7/07/2012 5:08 PM, Tony wrote:
    > Frank Williams <> wrote:
    >> On Fri, 06 Jul 2012 16:36:04 -0500, Tony <lizandtony at orcon dot net
    >> dot nz> wrote:
    >>> ncmphoto <> wrote:
    >>> A cart ran out of ink. I changed it and made sure it was seated correctly.
    >>> Usually the red light goes off and the head begins its cleaning/flushing
    >>> cycle.
    >>> This time nothing happened and the red "empty cart" light stayed on. The
    >>> Epson
    >>> Utility I had open on my Mac didn't help as it signaled that it had a
    >>> communication problem with the printer.
    >>>> I tried:
    >>>> -turning off the printer and waiting a bit then turning it on again: the two
    >>>> top buttons flashed red continually. No other response.
    >>>> -unplugging the USB cable, turning on the printer holding down the two
    >>>> buttons
    >>>> that should generate a report - no report, just the same two top buttons
    >>>> flashing red.
    >>>> -looking in the manual, which is no help. The only top button flashing item
    >>>> regards a paper jam which wasn't the case here. Paper is in tray but no jam.
    >>>> I
    >>>> wasn't printing when the problem occurred. There is no entry on when the top
    >>>> *two* buttons flash at the same time.
    >>>> I am trying to find out what this means. I live in France and there is
    >>>> effectively no tech support. No email support and the phone support
    >>>> automatically - and immediately - says all lines busy...without a wait line.
    >>>> Which means it is probably a fake number, not actually set up for support,
    >>>> but
    >>>> just to shut up complaints. The web site instructs to contact an authorized
    >>>> repair service. It is unlikely they would do any phone support as they want
    >>>> you
    >>>> to bring in the printer and pay for them fixing it. I did email US support
    >>>> but
    >>>> they just emailed back without an answer saying to contact their advanced
    >>>> phone
    >>>> support, which probably wouldn't answer my question since I am not in the US
    >>>> or
    >>>> Canada.
    >>>> I have had Epson printers for many years and this is the first time I have
    >>>> come across this problem. I would first of all simply like to know what the
    >>>> printer is trying to tell me with its two flashing buttons.
    >>>> Anyone have a clue? I would be eternally grateful.
    >>>> thanks,
    >>>> ncm
    >>>> Mac G4 MDD Dual 1.25GHz/2Gb RAM
    >>>> OSX 10.5.8
    >>>> Epson Stylus Photo R2400/connected via USB cable
    >>> This error is reporting that the waste ink pads are full. There is a utility
    >>> that can reset the counter on some Epson printers but it does not work on
    >>> this
    >>> printer (SSC utility).
    >>> Unfortunately I know of no way to overcome this other than by using a service
    >>> agent. You may ask one what they will charge. They will have access to a
    >>> method
    >>> of resetting the counter and they would be able to replace the pads.
    >>> Good luck
    >>> Tony

    >> The Pads are not meant to be replaced as they are part of the printers
    >> construction, Epson state the printer is at the end of its life, but
    >> you can fit a Plastic little drain bottle in the place were the wasted
    >> ink comes out.

    > What rubbish. Here is some history for you:
    > Epson service agents have been replacing waste ink pads in Epson printers for
    > years. This is one of the printers that they do so. Other printer specialists
    > do so also.
    > See
    > where Epson themselves explicitly agree that the pads can be replaced in their
    > printers.
    > I have changed the ink pads in many different models of Epson printers and
    > other makes.
    > To the Original Poster, try the link above which hopefully will allow you to
    > obtain the reset software from Epson, note that whilst Epson strongly suggests
    > replacing the pads it is actually true that if this is the first time you have
    > had this error you can safely reset the printer without pad replacement since
    > the pads are quite generous in size. Next time you will have to replace the
    > pads. If it is something you would be keen to do yourself I suggest you
    > purchase a service manual on-line and be prepared for a somewhat messy
    > procedure. You can use any absorbent felt and cut it to size, there are several
    > pads in the printer, not just one.


    I actually have the 7900 printer now and in the waste tank, use paper
    hand towel which works quite successfully, have a chip re setter, my
    mate who has the 7600 printer just uses a pack of tissues, felt is not

    Adding to the manual I previously used the R1800 and was able to
    download the service manual off the web, this had all the error codes
    and reset sequences (for R1800 at least) Wondering if this has the same
    reset as the R2880 version.

    If you look at the ssg site they say you can't reset the R800 printer
    (R800 being the A4 version). But the manual says otherwise.

    > Rob kindly provided two useful links you may wish to try.
    > See also
    > where it makes the suggestion that the SSC utility does actually work on this
    > printer, I suspect however that it only works if you do the reset before you
    > get the error. Despite what Mr. Williams erroneously says, this is not end of
    > printer life but a warning to have the pads replaced and have the printer reset.
    > If you are able to get the printer reset you can certainly see if it still
    > prints OK, probably it will and in the future you may have to replace the pads.
    > To throw away a printer of this quality would be silly. As Rob has mentioned
    > fitting a bottle will do nothing unless the printer is reset but see the post
    > by Arthur Entlich (a very helpful and knowledgeable person that I have known
    > on-line for some years) at the second link I provided where he points to some
    > links about installing a bottle.
    > Good luck and beware those that know much less than they think.
    > Tony
    Rob, Jul 7, 2012
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