Re: DVD rot - Vertigo and The Jackal? - Both Universal

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Larry, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Larry

    Larry Guest

    (limacharliewhiskey) wrote in message news:<>...
    > (Larry) wrote in message news:<>...
    > > I own both these disks purchased pretty much when they came out. Both
    > > are Universal. Now both won't play on any of my 3 DVD players or DVD
    > > ROM drives. Usually I just get a No Disc error or the player makes
    > > grinding sounds. Both have no scratches or any other obvious surface
    > > blemishes. I have written to Universal to see what they say but
    > > getting even a response will be a surprise. I guess I have no
    > > alternative but to buy another copy of each?
    > >
    > > Anybody else experienced this type of "rotting" behavior?
    > >
    > > Thanks
    > >
    > > Larry

    > I experienced this last summer on a few discs, but none were Universal
    > titles. Each disc played perfectly when I first bought them, but then
    > had problems playing them 6 months to a year after buying them.
    > First disc to go bad was my ID4 movie disc. It actually loaded up and
    > played fine for the first half of the movie, but somewhere halfway
    > through the movie, the disc began to heavily pixellate and then would
    > eventually freeze and completely lock up my player. I tested it on 2
    > other players, with the 2nd player getting through the problem area
    > but still experiencing various pixellations throughout the remainder
    > of the movie, and the 3rd player locked up in the same fashion as the
    > 1st.
    > Replaced the disc, and the new copy played perfectly fine.
    > 2nd disc was Coyote Ugly. The DVD played perfectly fine when I bought
    > it, but when I tried to play it 6 months later, it failed to load up.
    > I tried the disc on 3 players total, getting the same response each
    > time.
    > Replaced the disc, and the new copy played perfectly fine.
    > 3rd disc was Gladiator bonus disc. Disc played perfectly fine when I
    > bought it, but then began to glitch later on. It was 6 months after I
    > bought the disc, but luckily the store had a lenient exchange policy
    > regarding defective discs, so I got a free replacement disc.
    > New disc worked perfectly fine.
    > 4th disc was Aliens. It wasn't a major problem, but there was
    > constant pixellation during one scene, and the problem was apparent on
    > all 3 players.
    > Replaced the disc, and the new copy played perfectly fine.
    > I had enough problem discs to consider the possibility that my main
    > player was dying and on its last legs, but after testing the faulty
    > discs on other players, I was able to determine that each disc was
    > defective in each case, as the replacement discs proved by playing
    > perfectly.
    > Your alternative may be to buy another copy of each, but you can
    > return the defective discs during the 30-day return/exchange period
    > after buying the new copies.
    > Lee

    That sounds a bit dodgy but I guess then the dealer just sends it back
    to the distributor. I did contact Universal but as you can imagine, I
    got zero response from them

    Larry, Aug 2, 2003
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