Re: DVD-ROM drive freezes Win98SE

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by HamMan, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. HamMan

    HamMan Guest

    "Stephen Davidson" <> wrote in message
    > G'day All!
    > My problem,
    > I've just recently installed a LiteOn 16X DVD-ROM drive replacing an
    > AOpen 52X CDROM drive (which worked fine and caused no problems). Now
    > whenever I put a CDROM disk into the DVD drive in Win98SE, it freezes
    > the computer stone cold. I can't eject the CDROM and I have to reboot
    > the puter.
    > The DVD drive works fine under Win2000 or Red Hat Linux 8.0.
    > I have a tri boot system in the following order -
    > 1. Win98se (my main OS used)
    > 2. Win 2000 with SP3
    > 3. Red Hat Linux 8.0
    > all in separate partitions using an AMD K6-2-550MHz CPU, FIC VA-503+
    > Motherboard with 320Mb SDRAM, Quantum 40Gb and 3.2 Gb HDD's and LS120
    > 3.5" superdrive.
    > I've tried turning autorun off on the DVD drive and when a CD is put in
    > the DVD drive, the puter won't freeze. However when I try to access the
    > CD the puter will freeze completely (I can eject the CD however).
    > I've tried removing the DVD drive in the Device Manager (which reappears
    > on the next bootup) but gives the same freezing problems as above.
    > I've had a look around the Microsoft Knowledge Base but there doesn't
    > appear to be anything in it about this problem.
    > I've booted with a Win98SE boot disk with CD drivers and I can access
    > the CD's no probs.
    > The DVD drive looks like it has the latest firware (CH11). The boot
    > screen and device manager identify the DVD drive as JLMS XJ-HD165H.
    > I've had a look around the LiteOn site but the FAQ/Problems sections
    > don't have anything on this.
    > It doesn't look like the drive is a dud, but it looks like it's a
    > software/driver issue with Win98SE for some dumb reason.
    > I've run out of ideas. Can anyone suggest what to try, or how to fix the
    > freezing problem?
    > Many thanks in advance!!
    > Davo esq

    Why not just lose the 98se install and use 2000 or xp which has better
    support for the new devices.
    I only use 98se on pc's like my non-mmx 233 who cant run xp
    HamMan, Jul 7, 2003
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