Re: DVD Player Kills Family of Seven

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Bob Ward, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. Bob Ward

    Bob Ward Guest

    On Sat, 16 Aug 2003 16:07:24 GMT, "Arkon24fps" <>

    ><> wrote in message
    >> From the Livewire Newsfeed
    >> August 4, 2003
    >> A New Mexico family was killed by a DVD player last Friday.
    >> Authorities reported that it appeared that the DVD player had just
    >> been purchased. Apparently an accident caused the player to fall off
    >> the television set in their living room. It is suspected that the
    >> family cat possibly knocked it down. The plastic case of the DVD
    >> player became cracked during the fall to the floor, emitting the fatal
    >> radiation which killed the entire family of seven.
    >> Authorities were notified on Saturday when a relative came to visit
    >> and found the family car in the driveway and no one would answer the
    >> door. When the police arrived they used forced entry and were shocked
    >> at what they found. There were dead bodies laying all over the living
    >> room floor, including the husband, wife and five children. None of
    >> them showed any signs of physical abuse, and all other possibile
    >> causes of death have been ruled out. Authorities are positive the
    >> deaths were caused by the DVD player.
    >> Additionally, the first officer to enter the premises was struck down
    >> and affected by the harmful radiation, and is hospitalized in critical
    >> condition. The electric company was summoned and disconnected the
    >> power to the premises before further action could be taken.
    >> A cat was found laying right next to the fatal DVD player, which leads
    >> to the suspicion that the cat was the cause of the player falling off
    >> of the television.
    >> Names of the family members are being withheld until further
    >> investigation and notification of relatives of the deceased.
    >> Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly.

    >What about the cat's remaining 8 lives? Maybe this family died because they
    >were watching a Mandy Moore or Ben & Jen flick. Lame and dull
    >"entertainment" can kill.
    >Reminds me of the last line in the movie Chinatown:
    >It wasn't the dvd player that killed them; it was a visit from Mr. Blanding
    >(who by the way works as a carpenter and builds houses).

    Rumor has it that it that it was a bootleg of Gigli.
    Bob Ward, Aug 16, 2003
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