Re: DSE XH7988 Wireless Access and XH1152 Wireless LAN card

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by -=rjh=-, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. -=rjh=-

    -=rjh=- Guest

    LUCKY wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I have got the above equipment but I am having some real problems.
    > Firstly, I have managed to set them up inside my existing network and
    > have been able to connect to other computers and to the internet -
    > through my Nokia MW112 Router. I'm using a winXP notebook in a 98/XP
    > network of notebooks and desktops.
    > The problem that I have is that I lose my signal regularly. There is
    > not much point in having a wireless network if you have to be in the
    > same room. Afterall the idea was to get rid of the cables. Does any
    > one know if there are special settings that I need to get right to
    > lock into / hold onto the signal?
    > Also the AP configuration utility seems to be unable to save its
    > settings. The whole thing refuses to accept any changes and needs to
    > be reset to work again. I went to the DSE website and downloaded the
    > latest drivers but to no avail.
    > Help! Please!

    Ha! If you bought these from DSE in the Hutt, you've possibly got the same
    gear I returned last week :)

    My experience was possibly worse than yours, though - I had to borrow a 3rd
    device to figure out why the first two weren't working at all. The AP would
    apparently configure up OK, but didn't keep its settings, and didn't seem
    to transmit or receive. The replacement I exchanged it for works OK, but I
    don't think DSE believed the first one was defective.

    The first LAN card I got barely worked - it would achieve a connection of
    1.0Mbs if the AP was in the same room; the stats panel showed up to 75% tx
    errors, and even higher rates of management errors. Heaps of dropouts, too.

    Using Network Stumbler and another WiFi adapter showed the problem was the
    LAN card and not the AP.

    Another trip to DSE, and the replacement card seems to work fine - well, at
    least as well as another card (Actiontec) I've just tried. Again, I don't
    think DSE believed that the first card was stuffed, and seemed prepared to
    describe the reason for the return as "not up to customer's expectations"

    I've found that although things are working now, AP placement is very
    important, and the LAN card is very susceptible to losing the signal if
    your obstruct it with your hand or other objects. It is not possible to
    acheive anything like the distances claimed by the specifications - it
    barely covers the house. A USB WiFi adapter I've borrowed works much better
    - good for war driving, too.

    I'm still considering returning the whole lot at the moment; but I'd be
    interested to hear other people's experiences with WiFi - does it live up
    to the hype? Are there any good deals in this price range?

    -=rjh=-, Sep 28, 2003
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