Re: D'OH! Screwed the registry...

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Pennywise@DerryMaine.Gov, Nov 28, 2009.

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    "§nühw¤£f" <> wrote:

    >> §nühw¤£f wrote:
    >>> With *one* click! Beat that, philistines! I clicked the regprot
    >>> button to delete the default *.exe handler and BOOM.
    >>> "No known file associations" after that for *any* programs. So I
    >>> restored the offending keys (manually) but now I have to pick the
    >>> program from a list in the "Open With" pop-up widget.
    >>> Its mildly annoying, can I make the file associations permanent?
    >>> The "Always use this program for this type of file" check box is
    >>> greyed out and not clickable.

    >Heh...wasnt an option. After learning how to edit the registry
    >*without* a mouse in SAEF MOED...

    That's really easy (keyboard only), helping my sister attempt to
    access her router (she has no address bar on Firefox),

    I'd use the keyboard to get close to the objective and damn if she
    wouldn't get exited and (I know what I'm doing) hitting the mouse
    taking me/us somewhere else - I got mad and unplugged the USB mouse;
    then continued on.

    It's also something everybody should be fimilar with
    right click blank spot on desktop, properties, Appearance, Effects,
    bottom Item (XP) unselect hide underlined letters......
    Makes this possible with programs, If I remember correctly it's off by

    I can't tell you how many systems I've installed with just a keyboard,
    then set it up to my preferences. Win98 just last night because I
    forgot to plug in the PS2 mouse first.

    >I found a collection of registry fixes
    >that got me over the "Open With" hump.
    >Heres the collection...I'd suggest folks bookmark this...

    Small thread, I was going thru the replies before I posted that link,
    it's popped up in this group many times. Usually too late, as the
    reply to the link half of the time is "it's ok now, I reformatted and

    FTP link:
    other links that are harder to find the same thing (info overkill) but
    worth bookmarking are:
    ( and one that I've never used because
    I'm not used to it and usually find what I need before I get to it, is has a wealth of info.

    But to "delete the default *.exe handler" is your option, but why does
    come to mind, as it's implications obvious.


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    , Nov 28, 2009
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  2. Guest

    "§nühw¤£f" <> wrote:

    >Not to me. You'd have to install RegProt (freeware) and see what it
    >asks you to allow by *default*! Easy as hell to do what I did. No
    >indication that it would affect the system as it did.

    Ya I run RegProt - can't recommend it enough, but there's no time
    limit as when you have to answer the requester, Just the word script
    in a registry change and I'll google it before I answer.

    I have RegProt, and Old version of RegProt, Plus the zip file of
    Regprot in one directory, it all comes to 120K.

    RegProt doesn't have any info to know what's good for you, It just
    shows a file wants to make a change in the registry, as to allow or
    disallow is for you to decide.

    It might default to the "allow" of the requester, but that would be
    wrong, I would expect "not allow" to be a default (not saying your
    wrong just thinking with my fingers).

    3,412 license.txt
    17,260 RRregprot.cfg
    23,552 RPADMIN.EXE
    29,834 regprot.exe
    16,438 regprot_old.cfg
    19,614 RegProt.exe
    13,150 RegProt.cfg
    7 File(s) 123,260 bytes

    The .cfg file are decisions you have made in the past, my only
    complaint is you can't view the cfg file, or see what you have allowed
    or disallowed. Teatimer does, but didn't at one time and why I use
    RegProt now.

    I also didn't run RPADMIN.EXE, I just stuck regprot.exe in the all
    users startup directory.

    Next time something like this happens delete the .cfg file, and
    regprot will ask all over again what should be allowed to run.
    or - (clicking in the article take you elsewhere)
    , Nov 29, 2009
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