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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Paul, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Paul

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    James D. Andrews wrote:
    > "James D. Andrews" <> wrote in message
    > news:h264gd$2eed$...
    >> Probably a stupid question, but here's where to get the answers, so ...
    >> What's the deal with Direct 3D? Is it limited by graphics card? Is it
    >> included in Direct X 9? What does it take to get it?
    >> My wife's computer shows no Direct 3D installed, and a program she got
    >> won't run without it.
    >> I'm already planning to upgrade her computer to a 64MB card. Will this
    >> solve the problem?
    >> Thanks for your wisdom,
    >> Woof

    > Just thought I'd post the update. Installed the new 64MB graphics card (had
    > to disable on-board graphics first), then reinstalled Direct X9c (and had to
    > also install Direct X 8.1 from the program disc), and then the program ran
    > just fine. All conflicts resolved.

    I wonder if something from the DirectX 8.1 install actually made a difference ?

    Typical advice is, once you install a higher version of DirectX, you're not
    supposed to be able to "go backwards". But I don't know the mechanics of
    that, as to whether the installer runs anyway, and the software somehow
    knows what to pick and choose at runtime, or what happens. The basic idea is, you
    cannot install DirectX 7 over top of DirectX 9, and expect to end up
    with DirectX 7 reported when you're finished. It would stay at 9.

    Someone the other day, had a program that was looking for a specific DirectX 9
    file by name (d3dx9_33.dll), which is pretty strange. I thought programs looked for
    graphic interface "features", rather than files. The person afflicted with that
    particular problem, now has to look for a particular DirectX 9c installer (there
    are a number of different versions, all claiming to be "9c"). Microsoft
    has some strange notions of version control, and at least someone here
    agrees with me. And since Microsoft isn't likely to put all those
    versions on one download page for easy selection, the customers end
    up checking "under sofa cushions" looking for the needed file.

    "August 20, 2006 DirectX Version Number Abuse"

    Paul, Jul 5, 2009
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