Re: Digital camera firmware update

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Paul Bartram, May 23, 2008.

  1. Paul Bartram

    Paul Bartram Guest

    "wayneP" <> wrote

    > Yesterday we bought a Kodak V803 for my wife to take on a cruise. There is
    > a firmware update to speed up power up and capture time when using the
    > flash. She can probably get along fine w/o the update but I'd like to do
    > it.
    > I downloaded the file and unzipped it per the instructions and according
    > to the Kodak instructions I'm supposed to have a file with a .pak
    > extension. What I have is a file with a .FW extension. Neither Google nor
    > Kodak is any help in clarifying the discrepancy. I thought about just
    > changing the .FW to .pak but Vista pops up a box indicating with a warning
    > that it isn't a good idea to change extensions

    I've just done some Googling (as I'm sure you did too), visited the Kodak
    site and downloaded the file you mentioned. Note that it is listed as
    KV803058.EXE (an application) which I think means their instructions are

    This file appears to actually be a .pak file, which is opened by Winzip or
    Stuffit and produces a single file called KV803058.FW says '.FW' is a Kodak Firmware file
    extension, so my guess is that this is what you need to run but Kodak have
    changed the 'delivery vehicle' from a PAK file to an EXE without updating
    the instructions to reflect this.

    Might pay to send Kodak a message and ask if this is the case before risking
    your camera.

    Paul Bartram, May 23, 2008
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  2. Paul Bartram

    Paul Bartram Guest

    "wayneP" <> wrote

    > I did exactly as you describe. An agent in a Kodak Chat session wasn't any
    > help.

    [Paul smacks head in amazement.]

    > He suggested that I re-download and run the program directly rather than
    > saving it to my HDD for running at a later time. This just produced the
    > same KV803058.FW file that I requested help with.

    Kodak *must* have received plenty of calls and emails from other customers
    about this same problem. So you'd think someone in their IT department would
    have spent a few minutes altering the site to make the instructions correct.
    I'm with you, I wouldn't trust anything downloaded from the web that was
    incorrectly described - especially if it had the ability to nuke your
    camera. I know when I upgraded the firmware on my beloved Coolpix 995 I was
    saying silent prayers as I pressed 'Enter'!

    > I guess I'll try again and maybe I'll get an agent that is more
    > knowledgeable.

    Good luck!

    Paul Bartram, May 24, 2008
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  3. Darkl0rd_LacN


    Jun 10, 2008
    If you choose run instead of save you will receive an object reference error. You need to save the firmware to the desktop depending on you method of uploading the firmware. Furthermore, Kodak support is far superior compared to other consumers. In addition, you can trade up your V803 (crap camera) for a better camera.

    Dont jump to conclusions, also take time to listen.
    Darkl0rd_LacN, Jun 10, 2008
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