Re: Dead pixel or not??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by OldGringo38, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. OldGringo38

    OldGringo38 Guest

    On 7/18/2010 7:22 PM Just to please that super-ego,
    wrote the following tidbit of information:
    > I downloaded a wallpaper for my Windows 7 desktop. It's mostly a black
    > background (it's a picture of the big red eye of the HAL-9000 computer from
    > 2001).
    > Towards the upper left corner of my screen, I see what looks to be a dead pixel,
    > one little white spot, as near as I can tell, the size of a pixel. If it'sa dead
    > pixel, it's the first one I've experienced in three LCD monitors.
    > I got somewhat annoyed as this is a month old and expensive monitor. So I went
    > online and searched dead pixels. I found a couple of utilities that let you
    > check for them. When I used them and turned the screen all black, or any other
    > color, the little white spot disappeared.
    > Okay, good. So I thought maybe it's an artifact in the picture itself, so I
    > opened it with Paint Shop Pro figuring if it was there, I could just touch it
    > up. It doesn't show up in PSP. But it's still there on my desktop.
    > Doesn't appear to be an artifact, doesn't appear to be a dead pixel. Anyone
    > have an idea what could be causing it? Of course, one little white spot on a
    > black screen and my eye is drawn to it continually.. I could change wallpaper,
    > since I see it nowhere else, it's just that this is a cool one. Thanks.

    Best thing to do is find a new pass time, watching wallpaper can't be
    that much fun.

    Just West Of Nowhere
    Enjoy Life And Live It To Its Fullest
    OldGringo38, Jul 19, 2010
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