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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tony, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    This sounds like a loaded question tailor made for Chuckcar. Where is Chuckcar?
    Chuck oh Chuck this question is a certainty for you.

    philo wrote:

    > I'm a real sucker for letting friends drop off their old machines...
    > Yesterday a friend dropped off a 486-66, a P1-150
    > and a Celeron-500. (and four, 386's)
    > They all should have gone to the recyclers along with the 386's .
    > Just for the heck of it...I grabbed three, 1gig HD's that I had in the junk
    > box
    > and popped them (one at a time) in a removable drive kit that I have on my
    > own
    > higher end machine .
    > It took about 5 minutes to install D.S.L. per drive.
    > Then put the drives into the machines I had
    > and in a few minutes had three machines working fine!
    > Net cards were picked up
    > and the machines took all of two minutes to configure
    > (just had to increase the "colors" a bit)
    > Even the 486-66 with 40 megs of RAM
    > runs pretty good.
    > I put them up on Craig's list
    > and bet they'll be gone in a day or two.
    > Last time I posted a Linux machine on Craig's list,
    > it was picked up in a few hours.
    > (FWIW: I live a few blocks away from a university)
    > The 486 originally had win95 on it so was pretty useless.
    > The P1-150 amazingly had win2k installed on a 2 gig drive!!! sheesh (no
    > service packs of course , there would not have been room for them)
    > The Celeron had Win98 and ran like a turtle..the HD was running in the PIO
    > mode!
    > <<<<BTW: After I put them on Craig's list, two were picked up the same day.
    > The 486 was taken the next day>>>>

    The Grandmaster of the CyberFROG

    Come get your ticket to CyberFROG city

    No, I just decided not to play your silly game is all. *Some* of us know proper

    Very few. I used to take calls from *rank* noobs,

    Hamster isn't a newsreader it's a mistake!

    El-Gonzo Jackson FROGS both me and Chuckcar

    Using my technical prowess and computer abilities to answer questions beyond
    the realm of understandability

    Regards Tony... Making usenet better for everyone everyday
    Tony, Sep 23, 2008
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