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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by dadiOH, Nov 19, 2010.

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    g wrote:
    > I want to create a copy of an audio CD(.mp3 and .wmv files) so that I
    > have more than one copy of the music files. I am running Windows Vista
    > Business 32bit edition and have Windows Media Player 9. I don't have
    > Nero and my HP xw4600 Workstation came with only a CD-writer instead
    > of a CD-reader and CD-writer.
    > I estimate I would first need to convert the audio CD to digital audio
    > files(using a tool like FreeRip), create a playlist, autorun.inf file,
    > then copy the playlist, autorun.inf and digital audio files to the
    > blank CD using the CD writing process in Vista.
    > 1. Is the above method of creating a copy of the original audio CD
    > correct?
    > 2. Is there a easier way to clone the audio CD into a ISO/or some
    > image file which later can be written to CD. I don't have Nero, but
    > are there any open source/freeware applications which can do that? I
    > have a disc for Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Basic Edition.
    > Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    If you actually have an audio CD it does not have MP3 and WMA files on it.
    If an audio CD was made from MP3 and WMA files those files would have been
    converted to wave as they were being written. It will play in any stereo

    If the CD you have actually contains MP3 and WMA files then it is a data CD.
    It will NOT play in most stereo players as the MP3/WMA files have to be
    decoded to wave to play them.

    You can tell what kind of CD you have by looking at it in Windows
    Explorer...if it is an audio CD the files will show as CDA; if it is a data
    CD the files will show as MP3 or WMA. In either case, all you need do is
    use your CD burning program to copy to another disc, no special procedure is
    necessary. Your CD Writer will read as well as write.



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    dadiOH, Nov 19, 2010
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