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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by new identity, Dec 28, 2005.

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    "Martik" <> wrote in message
    > "new identity" <> wrote in message
    > news:gzgsf.15721$...
    >> Please please help with this one....
    >> OK, so on Christmas day I start playing cards on my computer waiting for
    >> dinner to cook, then suddenly everything just completely stops. No
    >> cursor control, no screen movement, no CTL-ALT-DEL function, anything.
    >> So I shrug my shoulders and hard reboot. I then get no error message or
    >> anything to indicate I have been mean to my pc. Everything is OK for a
    >> couple of hours until the same thing happens while it is in screensaver
    >> mode. More concerned now, I perform a full AV scan and AdAware, and
    >> check to see if MS have any windows updates for me. All scans are
    >> negative. Then I reset my firewall in case its that, and when it turns
    >> out not to be that, I terminate that program completely. Then it crashes
    >> again, and I get a Blue Screen of Death warning me that a driver has been
    >> stuck in a loop and refering me to file NV4_disp. It also (after several
    >> more attempts) refers to the locations of incomplete memory dumps.
    >> Whatever happens to my machine happens FAST. I have also tried reseting
    >> AND disabling the AVG, BOINC, LAN etc etc. Then I tried repairing IE.
    >> Still no fun. Then we replaced my graphics card which works fine in my
    >> partners machine which has the same motherboard. His machine is OK, mine
    >> crashes again after a few hours. I tried rolling back to just over a
    >> week ago before the lastest WinUpdate. No other software has changed.
    >> No other programs have been installed. No one else has used my machine
    >> (I changed the password so even HE couldn't sneak a peek at his Xmas
    >> pressies!) The BSoD only sometimes appears and bears no relation to the
    >> program running. Most times the pc seems unaware that there has been a
    >> problem.
    >> Here are the specs:
    >> Since August this year NO hardware changes, and NO new
    >> software (except updates) since October.
    >> W XP Home SP2 (clean install)
    >> AMD Semeron 2.8
    >> NVidia XFX 64Mb (Although the one I am supposed to have in it is the
    >> GForce FX 5500 256Mb and I want it back please darling!)
    >> MSI Motherboard
    >> Outpost Pro Firewall
    >> AVG Free
    >> AdAware SE
    >> BOINC client for SETI
    >> Anymore system information required, just ask.
    >> Cookies and cake to the person who can resolve this!!

    > Test your main memory -

    Thanks to The Shed, but re-installing the drivers was one of the first
    things I did. (I should have mentioned that, sorry)

    why? The Auto-restart is already disabled, although the event logger does
    show problems.
    Under "System" it shows problems with NIC1394. Also with Service Control
    Manager event 7023. As I am not getting the BSOD very often with the error,
    It will have to wait until I can run SC QUERY.
    Under Security it shows "Failure Audit" for Account Logon, Logon/Logoff.
    Under Application is shows a warning for "Usernev" and Error "Appplication
    Hang" events 1001 and 1002, but not for every time the pc has stopped. MS
    knowledge base has no infor on these errors.
    And YES no new software!

    Hummerog, no pcanywhere installed.

    Many thanks for all your help so far guys, keep those ideas comming in !

    new identity, Dec 28, 2005
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