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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Dave, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    "LAH" <> wrote in message
    > AcerPower Series - Windows XP Pro
    > HP Photosmart D7560
    > Recently purchased and installed the printer with no apparent problems.
    > However, upon occasion Windows suddenly decides it can't find the printer.
    > I have 4 usb ports in the rear of the computer and 2 in front. Usually I
    > have the mouse, scanner and printer connected to 3 of the 4 ports in the
    > rear. When the printer fails I've tested the port by switching the
    > printer and mouse ports. The mouse works no matter which port it is
    > plugged into and the printer fails no matter which of the four rear ports
    > it is plugged into. I've tried two different usb cables to no avail. The
    > printer will always print a printer status report so the printer seems to
    > be working.
    > This has happened 3 or 4 times now. I've tried the trouble shooting
    > suggestions offered by HP and Windows but nothing seems to work. It
    > repeatedly tells me the printer is offline, but no amount of manually
    > checking or unchecking the offline option helps. I either get a printer
    > offline error or some vague printer error. Sometimes Windows will
    > acknowledge something is trying to connect but will tell me it is an
    > unknown device. A couple of times it tells me it is a high speed device
    > trying to load on a load speed usb port and that it may not work as fast
    > as desired. I can't get it to go ahead and load and switching to one of
    > the other rear ports makes no difference. On one instance I removed the
    > printer and reinstalled to no avail. I've rebooted and emptied the temp
    > folders - nothing. In another instance, I had the shop install another
    > new and larger hard drive as well as testing all the ports. The ports all
    > test fine. When I brought the computer home the printer loaded fine. I
    > thought the problem may have been lack of space on the original hard
    > drive.
    > However, today the problem reoccurred. I could not get Windows to
    > recognize the printer using any of the back ports, but when plugged into
    > one of the front ports it started to work just fine (just like it did on
    > the very first failure). That time I eventually plugged it back into one
    > of the rear ports at a later date and it worked just fine. No idea why or
    > what happened to bring it back online.
    > Here is some random information that may or may not pertain. Before the
    > last two failures, I had set adobe acrobat distiller as the default
    > printer. I did several print jobs and even printed to the HP printer while
    > adobe was the default printer. Twice the problem occurred when I switched
    > the default printer back to the HP printer. Also my two kids use the
    > front ports for their iPods. I've not tried printing while the iPods were
    > plugged in but it is possible it was too much of a load?
    > Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. Please know I'm very
    > much the computer novice so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance!

    Try a "fatter" USB cable... I have a WD portable drive that did the same
    ting you are describing and I switched to a fatter USB cable and now it
    workx fine.
    Dave, Apr 19, 2009
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