Re: Computer boots, but no mouse or keyboard

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Paul, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Jerome Robertson wrote:
    > Running LinuxMint Isadora. It was installed and running fine. I was
    > using VMWare and was getting two cursors, making it a little difficult
    > to work. So I re-booted. And I have not had a mouse or keyboard since.
    > The computer boots just like it always did, nothing looks wrong but you
    > don't have a mouse or keyboard. I'm hoping someone here can help. I've
    > posted on and the LinuxMint forums and no one there
    > can help (so far).

    Did you prepare a back door on your computer in advance ?

    I've used Telnet on occasion, to access a "broken" Linux or Unix
    computer, from a second computer. That gives a command line
    access, so you can figure out what is wrong. (Telnet is fine
    in a home LAN environment, behind your firewall or whatever, but
    is Not Recommended for WAN or Internet usage. The username and
    password travel in plaintext. There are more secure alternatives,
    but when I'm angry because I'm locked out of some machine,
    I don't mind trashing the security, out of pure spite.)

    I installed a "server" version of some Linux distro, and
    it didn't detect input devices (similar to your symptoms).
    In other words, I got X Windows running, but no input device worked.
    None of the LEDs worked on my keyboard. I couldn't use
    ctrl-alt-backspace or the like, either.

    It seemed something called "d-bus" needed to be started as a service,
    to make the thing work. D-bus apparently passes input devices to
    X-Windows. Once I set that up, I was (eventually) able to get
    X running on the server version of Linux. It took me quite a
    while to find all the issues, bugs, and workarounds. But
    eventually, my "server" had a GUI.

    D-bus didn't always exist. At one time, input devices
    might have been added to some config file. And we never
    seemed to lose them with that kind of scheme.

    These are some examples of web pages on the subject. My
    recollections are too vague right now, to give you a
    recipe as to what I did exactly. When you fix one bug after
    another (the "Linux way"), after a while it becomes
    a blur.\-bus)

    Presumably DBUS exists, to make automated detection work
    better. But if DBUS is dead, then you're kinda screwed :)
    That is why, with Linux/Unix, it pays to have a second
    computer, for rescue missions via the backdoor you
    left for yourself.

    Good luck,
    Paul, Jun 2, 2010
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