Re: Closure of complimentary Xtra Usenet newsgroup service

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Charlie G, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Charlie G

    Charlie G Guest

    Xtra Help" <> wrote in message
    > For some time Xtra has hosted a complimentary Usenet server.
    > However, the number of people using this service has steadily declined and
    > there are now only a few hundred regular users.
    > Because of this decline in popularity, we have decided that, from May 3,
    > we
    > will no longer provide the newsgroup service.
    > If you'd like to continue using newsgroups, there are other services
    > available
    > such as, or free services such as MSN Forums and Google
    > Groups.
    > We like to apologise to the small number of regular users who will be
    > affected
    > by this change.
    > Kind regards
    > The Team @ Xtra

    There has been a lot of discussion on various groups about this message.
    Some have replied in the group in the somewhat wistful hope that: 1) anyone
    of importance at Telecom actually subscribes ( and who reading this believes
    anyone who matters at Telecom is even computer literate?) or; 2) That they
    care what we, their clients & customers think (like they have listened when
    we have said we'd like real broadband).

    Real lobbying is needed. It is not futile. Waikato farmers seem to have at
    least delayed the imposition of pylons across their farms to supply Auckland
    with power. Irrespective of your position on the pylons issue, the lobbying
    appears to have had an impact.

    Telecom already is under (some) Parlimentiaary pressure. Lets keep that up
    .. It should be easy enough for xtra sunscribers to send emails to each
    memebr of Parliament. If it doesn't influence Cabinet and Government, it
    will give opposition ans minor parties some ammunition. Here's a link to the email addresses.
    The various political parties websites may well have additional/alternative
    email addresses.

    It would be better to send individual messages - none of use like being
    recipients of bulk emails / mass mailing lists ( after all, thats what
    these forums are more suited to).

    Telecom is not just cutting a service - they are attacking a modern
    democratic forum. So, no need to picket or protest in the rain or cold -
    just a 120 or so simple emails from the comfort of your computer.
    Let see if we can use OUR medium for our benefit. Even non Xtra users need
    be aware that allowing Xtra to do this simply erodes the existing base of
    usegroup providers in NZ - giving the remaining few more reason to follow
    like sheep.

    I have deliberately not listed the individual addresses as I don't want the
    message diluted by heaps of spam. I expect many of you will have staff or
    other addresses which can also be used to lobby.

    Good lobbying - keep us informed.

    Charlie G
    Charlie G, Apr 28, 2006
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  2. On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 21:06:26 +1200, Charlie G wrote:

    > Good lobbying - keep us informed.

    I have contacted my local MP, and a couple of senior Ministers, to let
    them know about the breech of Telecom's terms and conditions, as well as
    the termination of access to Usenet.

    If we cannot in the first instance save our access to Usenet, then perhaps
    we might be able to use this as a means to increase pressure for getting a
    modern and affordable broadband service available here in NZ.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    1/ Migration to Linux only costs money once. Higher Windows TCO is forever.
    2/ "Shared source" is a poison pill. Open Source is freedom.
    3/ Only the Windows boxes get the worms.
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Apr 28, 2006
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  3. Charlie G

    +Eric+ Guest

    I would offer for the groups information a quote from a pamphlet I
    received from Xtra when I signed up - probably about 10 years ago
    XTRA (tm) gives you access to:

    An electronic mail system breaks down geographic boundaries to help you
    keep in touch. Communicate instantly in a cost effective way.

    Share information in topic related forums. Source information on almost
    any subject.

    Send files or information to other computers or download files to yours.

    Join interactive discussion groups on almost any subject, and chat with
    people like Bill Birch about the budget or Sean Fitzpatrick about the
    All Blacks."

    I believe that Newsgroups were part of the package I signed up for and
    that the pamphlet clearly indicates this it certainly does not
    describe it as a complimentary addition to the package.
    +Eric+, Apr 30, 2006
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