Re: Changing IDE to SATA drive without reinstalling/repairing OS

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by chuckcar, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. chuckcar

    chuckcar Guest

    "Jill" <> wrote in

    > Guys,
    > A few months ago I transplanted my hard drive from my old system into
    > a newer faster one without reinstalling Windows (XP SP3) by first
    > setting the driver for my primary IDE channel to generic "Standard
    > Dual Channel PCI". I was then able to boot it on the new system and
    > install all of the appropriate drivers and also delete all of the
    > phantom devices.
    > Well I just decided I need a larger hard drive and the old drive is
    > IDE. I was hoping to replace it with a 1TB drive and the SATAs are
    > much less expensive, and I probably will get better performance from
    > one.
    > The chipset driver for the mother board has both Intel ATA (what I am
    > using) and Intel SATA drivers. So I changes the driver to the SATA
    > version. Ghosted the IDE drive to a SATA drive and rebooted. I got a
    > BSOD.

    Because you didn't allow windows to install the proper drivers for the
    hard drive controllers above. You should have removed the existing ones
    and let windows autodetect the correct ones.

    > Is there a way to switch from IDE to SATA without reinstalling or
    > performing a repair?
    > I have a working Ghost image of a fresh XP install to the SATA drive.
    > Can I pull some drivers and registry settings off it and put them on
    > the IDE drive either while live in Windows or using BART PE while
    > Windows is not live?

    Switch drives, boot into safe mode, remove all drive controllers in
    and reboot.

    > Not only do I not want to do another install of Windows, but
    > everything working perfectly on this install and I probably doesn't
    > even have all of the software CD's anymore.

    Well, that's not good. You managed to do a ghost, but not keep your
    software installation CD's. What are you going to do if your ghost
    backup fails or corrupts?

    (setq (chuck nil) car(chuck) )
    chuckcar, Jan 19, 2010
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