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Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Michael D. Alligood, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I cannot comment on the 70-272 CBTNuggets video due to the fact that I
    have not seen it. I can tell you that I enjoy their products with
    regards to the MCSE 2003. You suggested using CBTNuggets as a supplement
    to a book. I suggest all study material be used as a supplement to hands
    on experience. It is amazing the amount of money that is spent (yes I am
    guilty) to pass exams. The Microsoft exams cost $125 US to sit. After
    all is said and done, one can spend close to 10x that amount to study;
    not including your time! That is baffling.

    What is even more of a joke is practice tests. Now I use them, and
    endorse them; but I do not agree with their price. Many times purchasing
    a practice test is equivalent to, if not more, than that of the actual
    exam! It is ridiculous. However, I digress...

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor

    "RemoteShark" <> wrote in message

    > Hello;
    > I have invested $150 into CBTnuggets for 70-272 and found it to be very
    > basic. I found them to be more refresher videos for things I already know,
    > than planning for 70-272. It almost felt like a joke, the way Todd Logan
    > presents the course in a Witty and sarcastic tone at times and tells you just
    > about the bare minimum. There are 18 videos and pretty much a joke even for
    > someone with 6 months experience in a DST type job. I know this because I did
    > take the 70-272 exam last year before going into hospital for an operation
    > and I can remember the actual questions were more involved and I don't feel
    > that the videos prepare you really well enough to get a high score, but more
    > the bare bones and the rest you can guess by your own IT experience in order
    > to pass. Would anyone has a reserved opinion about this, maybe I am wrong. I
    > would like to say that such videos should be supplemented to a book, where
    > the book details more info on the subjects in the video. $150 was way over
    > priced for the quality and depth of training, your better off buying a
    > "Dummies" book which is a whole lot cheaper and a whole lot more info.
    > I am looking at the LearnKey Courses for 70-272 and wonder if ayone has any
    > opinions or experience with Learnkey courses. The LearnKey courses are $350
    > and want to know if it is worth the money or just stick to MS Press book and
    > see what happens.
    > I am a person with limited time, work, study, family and need guided
    > instruction to motivate me among other things.
    > Thanks
    Michael D. Alligood, Jan 22, 2007
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  2. RemoteShark

    RemoteShark Guest

    I am willing to spend up to 500 euros to get additional training/info for the
    exam. I think having the certs outweight the costs over a period of time and
    gives potential salary increases and better job opportunities. Go figure, if
    I was give a 15000 euro salary increase after getting my certs, then its
    worth to pay an extra 500 euro to get training for the exams. I mean my wife
    spends that much when she goes shopping on one weekend, so I think I deserve
    abit of that cake too.

    I am going to try the LearnKey series, just the 70-272 for 200 euro.
    Knowledge is power, whatever way you think about it.

    Good Luck to you and me :)

    "wagnerk" wrote:

    > That is one downside to studying, the cost of everything. Add up the cost of
    > the books, exam cost, CBT, practice test, etc. This profession (IT) is an
    > expensive one to constantly keep updated. Alot of people believe that the IT
    > industry is the one to be in to earn alot of cash... it ain't, just look at
    > the prices of further/professional education, that's the industry to be in.
    > The best thing is to try to get your employers to, at least, foot part of
    > the bill.
    > One website you may wish to try is
    > you can get cheaper vouchers
    > (eg almost expired for a fraction of the cost, voucher & transcender bundles,
    > study packs, etc)
    > -ken
    RemoteShark, Jan 23, 2007
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