Re: Can't login to XP Pro machine

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by jjw, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. jjw

    jjw Guest

    I have seen that exact thing....I suggest you google it 'windows xp log on
    log off' I think you will be able to find a solution to the problem.
    if I recall correctly, experts-exchange had a way to fix it.


    "BertS" <> wrote in message
    >I have a customer's machine that will not allow me to login. I get the
    >login prompt, click on the icon (two accounts, Administrator and one more
    >that I don't know what privileges it has). When I click on the account icon
    >it starts to login and then immediately logs out back to the login prompt.
    > I need to access the machine to remove some data before I do a system
    > restore.
    > The drive is formatted to NTFS. I tried to do a recovery from the XP disk
    > but it says the password for Administrator is no good. There should be no
    > password on either that account or the other one.
    > My guess with the little information I have is that the SAM is somehow
    > damaged.
    > A long time ago I used NTFS2DOS in a similar situation but I am not sure
    > if there is something similar for XP. I used it to access an NT4 machine.
    > Dell suggested that the drive be sent to a company that does recovery but
    > the custmoer does not want to spend the money for that option.
    > I could install the drive in a different machine running @in2K as the
    > second drive and try to read it that way. I could also have the customer
    > purchase a hard drive, install XP on that drive as the primary drive and
    > try to read the old drive after that.
    > Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a newer version of NTFS4DOS?
    > Somewhere in my vast junkyard I have ERD but finding it is a problem and I
    > don't even know if it works with SP. My problem is finding the CD.
    > The OS is XP Pro recently patched with SP2.
    jjw, Sep 22, 2004
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  2. jjw

    the yeti Guest




    The posters problem Log on and log back off. Its a real issue. I
    have seen it myself twice on two seperate machines. I wish I could
    say what caused the problem or exactly how to fix it, but I can't
    Unfortunatly googeling for "windows log on log off" comes up with a
    lot of unrelated responses.

    I fixed the one machine that was mine to fix using a BartsPE
    Winternals CD to set a system restore point. It worked good.

    To save the data, Pull the drive, or use Knoppix, or use a winternels
    or BartPE cd. Thats your best bet.

    The other issue he was having was that he couldn't log on in the
    recovery console because it wouldn't accept the Administrator
    password. This is a real problem too. I have seen it on a Dell and a
    Compaq. You can set the Administrator password to anything or leave
    it blank, but you can not log into the Recovery Console. I don't know
    what the issue is, but it does exist (at leaste on Dells and Compaqs)
    the yeti, Oct 5, 2004
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  3. jjw

    the yeti Guest

    > >
    > > Snip
    > >
    > > <----------------------------------------->
    > >

    > KB article 308402 has some info and a link to the install disks.
    > The file can be created by downloading the executable to make the
    > install disks. Disk #6 (last one) will have the file you need.
    > You can just use one disk.

    Cool - Thanx Thats a good Link!
    the yeti, Oct 19, 2004
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