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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by why?, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. why?

    why? Guest

    On Wed, 28 Jan 2009 07:17:57 -0000, Smirnoff wrote:

    >A friend asked me to check out his computer (XP, SP3) as he could no
    >longer access the internet.
    >Most of his Anti-malware programs were out of date, so I downloaded the
    >current definition updates on my machine (also new programs like
    >SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot S&D), saved them to disc and installed on
    >his machine.
    >Each found loads of malware and I continued running them until all
    >reported a clean bill of health.

    Better off to backup any data that's needed, wipe the disk and reinstall
    clean OS then the AV tools before reconnecting.

    You might not be able to tell / detect anything that's clever enough to
    have hidden itself before the updates.

    >Connected my Ethernet cable to his machine and LAN showed as
    >"connected". However, I still couldn't browse (with IE7 or Firefox).
    >Tried "Repair" and got the error message "Cannot clear ARP cache". Did
    >some checking and the advice was to "Run" :

    The traditional arp -a to display / arp -d to delete didn't work?

    The arp cache should be wiped on a reboot and there are usually only
    going to be 2 or 3 entries. i.e. another local PC, the router.

    arp entries timeout after approx 5 minutes anyway.

    >netsh interface ip delete arpcache

    >Tried this a couple of times but the "black" box appeared for a second
    >or two and then closed.

    Sounds okay, running the command from 'Run' , instead try 'Run' then
    type cmd , click ok to open a cmd prompt then try the netsh command.

    >Does this need to be run in safe mode? Could some of the anti-nasty
    >programs be blocking it?

    No, see previous comment.

    >Or, can anybody please suggest another solution?

    You may need to run a winsock repair.
    and how to determine / recover winsock error

    XP is a MS product, try MS solutions, from a search
    typed in text from the error msg you included.

    Results 1 - 10 of about 59,200 for windows xp Cannot clear ARP cache.
    (0.31 seconds)

    How to troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity with Windows XP
    Windows XP Professional contains the following additional tools:. Event
    viewer .... Method 4: Use the Arp tool to clear the ARP cache ... - Similar pages -

    other which include 'repair; as you said.

    My Internet connection dies if my laptop's on for too long ...
    If you are using Windows XP Pro you might need to change the ... When
    repairing a network connection the "can't clear the ARP cache" bit comes
    up and ...
    - 40k - Cached - Similar pages -

    why?, Jan 28, 2009
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