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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Chuck, Jan 25, 2005.

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    On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 05:09:03 -0800, dshan1061
    <> wrote:

    >I have one desktop and two laptops all running WinXP SP2 connected through a
    >netgear wireless router and then to the internet through a cable modem
    >supplied by the cable company. I can get to the internet from each computer
    >just fine. I can share files between the desktop and laptop1 just fine.
    >However, I can't share files with laptop2 from either of the other computers.
    > I can see the desktop and laptop1 in the workgroup MSHOME from laptop2, but
    >when I try to access them, it tells me the resource is not available. I
    >can't see laptop2 from the desktop or laptop1. Laptop2 is running Norton
    >Internet Security 2005.
    >I've read a lot about disabling firewalls, ICF and some other things, but am
    >HIGHLY confused (I'm the guy that paid the store to come set up our network).
    > If I disable the firewalls to get the network to work, am I unprotected or
    >do I have protection through the netgear router? I've read the tutorial at
    >, but wonder if it works the same with a wireless LAN. Any
    >help would be appreciated (and if the solution involves "pinging", please say
    >how... not too good with this stuff... but groups like this definitely make
    >it easier). I would play with t myself, but if my wife couldn't get to the
    >internet for some reason, I'd be in DEEP trouble! Thanks for any advice.

    A NAT router (with or without SPI? You didn't give us a model number) will
    protect you from hostile incoming traffic from the internet. Since you have a
    wireless LAN, though, a personal firewall on each computer is also needed, to
    protect you from your wireless neighbors. Please don't disable the firewalls -
    enable them, and set them up properly.

    In order to set your firewalls up properly, you should disable
    Auto-Configuration, and manually assign a fixed ip address, on each computer.
    Then configure Norton Personal Firewall on each computer, to allow file sharing
    with each other computer, by placing the name or ip address of each computer
    into the Trusted Zone.

    Other ways to protect yourself from your wireless neighbors (use as many as
    possible please - none of these are 100% immune to compromise):

    Change the router management password, and disable remote (WAN) management.

    Enable WEP (at least) / WPA (if possible) on the router, and on all computers.
    Use non-trivial (non-guessable) values for encryption. (No "My dog has fleas").

    Enable MAC filtering. Put the MAC for each computer into the table on the

    Change the subnet of your LAN - don't use the default.

    Don't disable SSID broadcast - some configurations require the SSID broadcast.
    But change the SSID itself - to something that doesn't identify you, or the

    Enable the router activity log. Examine it regularly. Know what each
    connection listed represents - you? a neighbor?.

    Use non-trivial accounts and passwords on every computer connected to a wireless
    LAN. Disable or delete Guest userid, if possible (XP Home is a bad choice
    here). Rename Administrator, to a non-trivial value, and give it a non-trivial
    password. Never use the Administrator renamed account for day to day
    activities, only when intentionally doing administrative tasks.

    Stay educated - know what the threats are. Newsgroups alt.internet.wireless and are good places to start.

    I'm cross posting this response to
    You'll probably find plenty of additional advice there. If you need details
    about any of the items I listed above, please reply here any time.

    Paranoia comes from experience - and is not necessarily a bad thing.
    My email is AT DOT
    actual address pchuck sonic net.
    Chuck, Jan 25, 2005
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