Re: cable modem won't work without the router

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Me, May 28, 2005.

  1. Me

    Me Guest

    I'll save K-man the trouble....

    On Sat, 28 May 2005 07:14:55 GMT, "Duane ;-\)" <> wrote:

    ><> wrote in message
    >>i have a d-link di-614+ router i've been using for a few years now,
    >> tonight, just to test something out, i unpluged the cable modem from
    >> the router so i could directly connect the cable modem to the computer,
    >> but when i did i got no connection at all, trying to load a webpage it
    >> would just sit at connecting to such and such site till it finally
    >> timed out.
    >> i repluged the modem into the router and everything works fine.why
    >> won't it work without the router though?

    >It could be that the ISP is using the first MAC past the modem provision
    >method and has linked that MAC to your account along with the MAC of the
    >modem. What that means is that all devices like a modem, router and the
    >computer's Network Interface Card (NIC) have a unique MAC address. On the
    >modem and router in the area of the serial number, you'll see the MAC. And
    >if you go to the Command Prompt on the O/S and enter IPconfg /all, you'll
    >see the NIC's MAC, otherwise, you would have to pull the NIC out of the
    >machine to see the MAC.
    >Anyway, the ISP knows about the MAC of the router, which is linked to your
    >account and will allow the connection to their network. You then connected
    >the computer with its NIC MAC to the modem that is not provisioned with the
    >ISP and the computer cannot connect. If you got another modem, then the MAC
    >of the modem has to be provisioned with the ISP and linked to your account,
    >otherwise, the modem would not be able to connect to the ISP's network.
    >Some ISP's allow for more than one MAC (in the case of multiple computer's
    >using the account at the ISP) can be linked to the account and can access
    >the ISP's network. In your case, that's not needed as you have the router
    >and the ISP cannot come past the router to see the NIC MAC(s), it just sees
    >the router's MAC and allows connections from machines behind the router.
    >The bottom line is that you can have the router's MAC and the NIC MAC of a
    >computer provisioned too just in case you need to do what you were trying to
    >Some routers have a MAC cloning feature where you can take the MAC of a NIC
    >the ISP has provisioned and enter it into the router's admin screen. And the
    >router simulates the NIC's MAC and the connection is made without having to
    >have the ISP provision the router's MAC.
    >Duane :)
    Me, May 28, 2005
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  2. Me

    Duane ;-\) Guest

    "Me" <> wrote in message
    > I'll save K-man the trouble....

    Oh, you do mean K-Woman don't you, because good old K-MAN is a *woman*. ;-)
    I have nothing against women but the deceit of that *bitch* and a *clown*
    like you that will follow an ass-wipe like her is truly unbelievable. And
    if you were ever faced with the problem of an ISP that provisioned by MAC
    address for the devices that can connect to a BB service provider's network,
    then you would know that is a possibility when MAC(s) have to be provisioned
    with the ISP.

    You couldn't piss is a boot right. ;-)

    Duane :)
    Duane ;-\), May 28, 2005
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  3. Me

    Duane ;-\) Guest

    Hey K-Woman-Clown, I know you're out there so give me one of those below to
    validate one of your ass suckers.


    Daddy *D* ;-)
    Duane ;-\), May 28, 2005
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