Re: burning speed limitation

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Barry Watzman, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. 52X burns a complete CD in under 2 minutes. The limitations on going
    faster are more mechanical in the drive mechanism than in terms of data
    transfer rate. In fact, I won't burn that fast anyway, because I
    believe that the quality of the burn is much better at lower speeds (16x
    to 32x). Understand that data CDs have errors, but they also have ECC
    error correction; audio CDs do NOT have error correction, they use the
    extra space to get more audio onto the CD, on the theory that errors
    will be inaudible. Neither the presence of ECC nor the fact that audio
    errors may be inaudible is reason, in my judgement, to accept a
    substantially higher number of errors that you get by operating at what
    I consider to be extreme speeds. I have, and have seen, many discs that
    behave like an out-of-balance washing machine at speeds far lower than
    even 32x, and if the disc media is vibrating like that, it's going to
    cause write errors. At 52x, the distribution of ink in the printing of
    the label side becomes sufficiently critical to create an out-of-balance

    Drew wrote:

    > Hi All:
    > Is there any kind of a maximum speed limitation for IDE interface CD
    > burners? I think the fastest I've seen recently is 52. Is that the
    > fastest possible speed with IDE or will they just continue to get
    > faster and faster? Looks like there would have to be some kind of
    > limitation due to the interface. Any ideas? I think I've also seen
    > USB 2.0 burners that can go at 52x.
    > Thanks
    > Drew
    Barry Watzman, Jul 17, 2003
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