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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Paul, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    j wrote:
    > I am running XP sp2 on this computer. My other computer is the same as this
    > one.
    > Recently, when I turn this computer on, it has begun giving me a message on
    > bootup that says "invalid boot.ini file, starting Windows". It then starts
    > up and runs OK.
    > At the same time this problem began, it started giving me a message
    > immediately after booting that claims it has found new hardware, a printer,
    > and brings up the installation wizard despite the fact that the printer is
    > already installed and works fine.. I always click "cancel" when this
    > happens. It also tries to install Microsoft Office whenever I attempt to
    > open a Word document, despite the fact that Office is already there, and
    > runs fine once I click "cancel".
    > I suspect whatever caused the boot.ini problem has also corrupted the
    > registry, resulting in the above. I checked the registry with diagnostic
    > software and found nothing pertinent to the issue.
    > I have verified that the boot.ini file is in fact absent from the computer
    > for whatever reason.
    > I want to know, if I copy the boot.ini file from my other computer and
    > install it into this computer, is it likely to cause a problem whether or
    > not it corrects the current problem? I am concerned that the copied boot.ini
    > file from the other computer may represent the wrong information to this
    > computer and cause trouble.
    > The computer is free of viruses, etc., according to AVG 8 with a fresh
    > update.
    > By the way, I always keep the system restore service disabled so as not to
    > slow the computer down, so setting a restore point is not a way out of this.
    > Thanks for the assistance.

    A safe way to edit "boot.ini" in WinXP, is

    Start:Run and enter "msconfig" as the program to run.

    The result is a window that says "System Configuration Utility".
    It takes care of the fact that system files are hidden or protected
    or whatever. (That is probably why you didn't find it.)

    I expect there is some kind of corruption or error in one of the
    lines in the file, causing it to default to one of the other lines.
    Just a guess. My boot.ini has two lines in it, and reverting to
    the other one would not result in nice things happening to the

    If the group is on your server, you could also post to
    microsoft.public.windowsxp.general . If you have questions
    about what boot.ini should look like, they can probably
    help you.

    There isn't a good reason for boot.ini to be corrupted,
    so stay alert for other signs of malware.

    Paul, Dec 27, 2008
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