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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by MceRx0, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. MceRx0

    MceRx0 Guest

    The refresh rate is set too high for the monitor.
    Boot into save mode, uninstall the video card drivers, reboot and reinstall
    the video drivers and set the monitor to a refresh rate it can handle.


    "Dave Hardenbrook" <> wrote in message
    > Here's another problem that's giving me nightmares...
    > I have a client with a Pentium III Dell system with a HP Pavilion flat
    > monitor and 3dfx Voodoo3 3000D video card. OS: Windows 98. When the
    > system boots, everything is okay until after the splash screen, when the
    > desktop first appears... Just at the point when the Logon dialog should
    > display, the screen goes black. The hard drive activity and the familiar
    > Windows "opening music" indicates that Windows is continuing to start
    > normally, but there's no display at all! I have tested the RAM, the hard
    > drive (full surface scan and defrag), and the video drivers. I've even
    > checked for "little" things like a dodgy video cable. All good to go.
    > What's weird is that after I scanned and defragged the HD, the next few
    > test reboots (both warm and cold) I tried brought up Windows normally with
    > a correct display, but then after the computer remained shut off for about
    > 30 minutes, on the next boot the problem recurred: POST -- Normal,
    > Windows' splash screen -- Normal, a split-second view of the desktop, then
    > totally black screen.
    > Any ideas what I should try/check next??
    > --
    > Dave
    MceRx0, Feb 5, 2006
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  2. MceRx0

    MceRx0 Guest

    Monitors with built in protection will blank or turn off if the refresh rate
    is set too high......
    I see this when switching a monitor to a smaller one and I forget to lower
    the refresh rate in the display settings before hand. :)

    "Mister" <> wrote in message
    > Usually when the refresh rate is too high, you will see a picture that
    > looks like it is "rolling" across the screen and distorted. Letting
    > it like this for a long period time is great if you want to fill the
    > room with smoke to use for a laser light show.
    > Give the below suggestion a try anyway.
    MceRx0, Feb 8, 2006
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