Re: BioStar Motherboard eaten my RAM ???!!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by, Sep 12, 2008.

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    On Aug 12, 11:30 pm, Hari Hari Mau <> wrote:
    > Hello all !
    > Just recently I upgraded my PC to 4GB of DDR2 RAM --- 2 X 2GB DDR2 RAM
    > Modules.
    > But when I plugged in the memory modules and powered up my PC, I got
    > an unpleasant surprise !!
    > Somehow the 4GB of RAM only shows up as 3587072K of Memory !! That's a
    > whooping 600MB of memory ****missing**** !!!
    > The motherboard for my PC is Biostar's P4M890-M7-SE and so far it
    > hasn't given me any problem.
    > The motherboard has a built-in vga, which I use. I allocate 16MB of
    > RAM as "shared memory" for VGA, and the "AGP-Aperture" I give it 32MB,
    > all min figure.
    > When I first built the PC, I used a 1GB DDR2 memory module. The mobo
    > showed me the correct mem figures, ie., 1GB (1024MB) MINUS the 16MB
    > (of shared memory) and a 1MB of "T-Seg memory".
    > When I purchased a second 1GB DDR2 memory and plugged it in, again the
    > mobo didn't give me any problem. It correctly gave me the 2GB (2048MB)
    > MINUS the 17MB of shared and T-Seg memories.
    > However, when I plugged in the recently purchased 2 X 2GB DDR2 mem
    > modules, the problem occurred !!
    > Instead of giving me 4GB (4096MB) MINUS 17MB, all I got is 3587072K
    > (around 3.42GB) of memory, plus the 17 shared and "T-Seg" memories.
    > What's going on???
    > What can I do to get back the 600MB of my RAM that is
    > ****MISSING**** ????
    > PLEASE HELP !!!

    If your processor is a Pentium and MS Windows is the OS you use, these
    are these are the two ways that you can recover the missing 600MB:
    1) Install XP64 or Vista64 (if your processor is a Pentium or Core
    Duo, you must first upgrade the processor to a Core 2 Duo).
    2) Keep your processor unchanged but upgrade your OS to Windows 2003
    Server or Windows 2008 Server if you can find a PAE compliant driver
    for every piece of hardware with a DMA controller. (32 bit XP and 32
    bit Vista are rigged to not allow you to fully enable PAE.)
    , Sep 12, 2008
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