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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by ~misfit~, Aug 28, 2008.

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    ~misfit~ Guest

    Somewhere on teh intarweb "PeeCee" typed:
    > Picked one up yesterday for a client to see if it fit's a particular
    > task.
    > Overview:
    > What was in this particular box:
    > Eee Box itself (black), Laptop style power supply, screw on stand,
    > Vesa mounting plate (for back of LCD screen) SPDIF adaptor, WiFi
    > antenna, Manual, Warranty card, OS restore DVD, drivers CD.
    > This one had 1GB RAM, Windows XP Home and 80GB HD in two 40GB
    > partitions (Atom 1.6GHZ CPU).
    > There are other colours and RAM/HD configurations available
    > apparently. This site lists some of the variations
    > Observations:
    > (Random and not necessarily deep and meaningfull)
    > Manual basically show's the I/O and controls, how to restore the OS,
    > all in several languages and that's it.
    > OS restore DVD and driver CD requires external USB DVD drive (now I
    > know why I bought that 5.25" USB drive case)
    > Bios
    > Entered through the 'Del' key
    > Fairly plain, options for Express Gate screen delay (default 10 sec)
    > No obvious overclocking options.
    > No power restore options (ie Off/ previous state/ on)
    > Can power up on LAN and has a RTC Alarm start up.
    > Starting Up:
    > The Express Gate (Linux?) "FUN" OS shows up for 10 seconds before
    > booting through to XP Home.
    > From Switch on to the Express Gate Web Browser home page fully loaded
    > took roughly 45 seconds (includes moving the pointer and clicking on
    > the Web Icon)
    > (This is with a WiFi LAN connection)
    > Flash seems to play ok as does YouTube video's
    > Express Gate also has a Photo Uploader to Flickr, IM client and Skype
    > none of which I've tried yet.
    > First run of XP was pretty standard, Region, time zone, Keyboard and
    > Language, though as usual fine tinkering was required afterwards in
    > the Control Panel / Region tool.
    > In my case I ran it up without a wired LAN connection but with the
    > WiFi antenna connected.
    > Searching for Wireless points from the Wireless app in the System Tray
    > bottom right found my Wireless LAN & it's configuration (WPA2 PSK) &
    > all I had to do was type in the pass phrase ... connected (G, haven't
    > got N yet)
    > XP Service Pack2 out of the box.
    > No preinstalled Anti Virus
    > Acrobat Reader 8 installed.
    > Windows updates started downloading straight away as you would expect
    > with any standard XP install.
    > The Windows Install is bog standard apart from Asus update app's,
    > Instructions for reinstalling the "FUN" apps (aka Express Gate)
    > should they get corrupted and an entry for the Realtek chipset.
    > Performance:
    > I've no numbers for you to pick over here, but it seemed to go OK
    > Though the task my client was looking at was not particularly onerus
    > I was curious to see how it handled HD video.
    > i.e. would it make a HTPC?
    > Well if you want 1080i & up no it won't do, sound goes OK but Video
    > is just a series of stills.
    > However bring it back to 720p and it runs just fine.
    > Now I find usefull as my TV is 720p and with it's small form factor
    > it's gonna be easy to hide in the other VCR's / Amps, and STB's
    > Compared to my MediaGate the Eee box is going to be easier to use
    > (more familialr interface)
    > I used the Fighter Pilot video here
    > for HD content.
    > For 'work' I loaded Open Office 2.4.1 (no problems) and created a
    > sample Impress (power point) slide show.
    > Again it just ran fine.
    > As did Internet Explorer, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell etc.
    > OK it's not a Gamers PC but going on the average office PC I get to
    > 'fix' I can see these becominig a popular office PC, especially with
    > it mounted on the back of an LCD screen.
    > All neat and tidy, no worries with short USB Keyboard & Mouse leads.
    > I must congratulate ASUS for putting 1 GB of RAM in, it makes all the
    > difference to an XP PC.
    > It shows the other major manufacturers up for the cheapskates they
    > are. (put 256MB in & charge them double for another 256MB of
    > 'official' RAM type cheapness)
    > Case feels soldid enough, though the little flappy door on the front
    > is going to go in short order I would think.
    > And did it do what the client wanted?
    > Yes, but that's another story, but I did measure the power usage at
    > 23 watts max.

    Thanks Paul, I've seen those on the net and wondered how they'd go. Really
    they should be plenty powerful enough for most light office use and consume
    very little electricity. I hope they catch on.


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    me and I will be only too happy to demonstrate... ;-)
    ~misfit~, Aug 28, 2008
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