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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by sandy58, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. sandy58

    sandy58 Guest

    On Sep 2, 6:32 pm, "James D. Andrews" <> wrote:
    > Anyone else come across this nightmare and that pest?
    > I've been working for three days on a laptop that had boot problems -
    > specifically, it takes about 10 minutes to load.
    > I did all the obvious stuff - clean out the junk, defrag, etc.
    > I ran the gamut of msconfig.  Actually, this helped correct a minor problem,
    > but did nothing for the main boot speed problem.  I ran bootvis and it
    > showed what I already knew: the CPU froze for about 6-7 minutes.  Finally, I
    > went to do a System Restore - lo and behold, System Restore was locked out
    > and not only could I not restore to an earlier point, I couldn't even look
    > at earlier points.  Other oddities in the system were noted. Hmmm.
    > Then, my Mother in Law (her laptop) suddenly remembers the problems began
    > when she installed and ran Ascentive PCSpeedScan and with the subsequent
    > removal that took quite a few tricks (Add/Remove doesn't do it all with this
    > puppy).
    > Now, she's really to blame for this fiasco.  She had no Antivirus or Spyware
    > program loaded on her system, and she was attempting to use a program that
    > automatically adjusts settings and makes significant changes to the system -
    > something she knew nothing about.  Why she didn't consult me about this I
    > haven't the slightest idea.  I get hold of it after the damage is done.
    > I installed aVast and scan, it comes up with a long list of problems
    > including half a dozen trojans, worms, etc.
    > When she finally remembered the Ascentive problem (after me spending 3 days
    > on this laptop), I typed Ascentive into my search engine, and POP! Page
    > after page after page after page listing complaints about this program doing
    > exactly this problem and many others.  I couldn't believe the number of
    > entries.  The least of which complained about the adware it planted, almost
    > all citing the difficulty in removing it.  Everyone smart enough to scan it
    > before installation showed a Trojan, other viruses, and spyware.
    > Thought I'd pass that one along.
    > Now the pest, this one on my wife's tower.  Somewhere she came across a
    > program listed as Personal Anti-virus (a rather ambiguous name).  Yet
    > another of these quick scan to fix everything and speed up your computer
    > type programs.  This one (out of http:\\ comes out
    > of nowhere, hijacks the page, shows a bogus scan taking place - essentially
    > watching a film of your system being scanned and revealing numerous
    > problems - and an endless series of pop up Windows boxes saying "if you
    > don't press this you'll leave your system unprotected.  To scan press OK,
    > and of course, it is the only button.  Attempts to close the box using the X
    > Close causes a forced download to begin.  Fortunately, there is a Cancel
    > button on the download box, but the download gets past Windows and starts
    > automatically.  If you don't catch it in time, it will completely download.
    > I plan to add a new layer of Spyware protection to her computer to help
    > fight pests like this, but I wonder if others have come across this bad boy
    > and what they did.

    Have a look here, JDA. It has a "How to Remove PC SpeedScan Pro -
    Ascentive PC SpeedScan Pro Removal Tool” IF you can believe it. Be
    sandy58, Sep 2, 2009
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