Re: AS5200 Newbie questions

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Aaron Leonard, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. On Tue, 15 Jul 2003 06:47:10 -0500, Dave Pooser <> wrote:

    ~ My company is evaluating setting up our own dial-up access for about 40
    ~ road warriors, and a friend recommended the AS5200 as something his
    ~ company is using. But I have a few questions...
    ~ 1) If I'm using a channelized T1 that's currently going into our PBX
    ~ but is not fully utilized, is there a way I can have the AS5200 only
    ~ use channels 15-24 initially? I have an external CSU/DSU that I could
    ~ connect to the serial interface if the internal dual T1/PRI card
    ~ doesn't support using a fraction of a full T1.

    Do you have a spare T1 port on your PBX? Then just connect that T1
    to the AS5200. You can set up the ds0-group (called cas-group in old
    IOS) with only 10 channels configured, if you like. (The commands to
    set up the trunk group on the PBX would depend on your PBX of course.)

    If you don't have a spare T1 port on the PBX, then you'd need to
    put some kind of drop-add mux on the T1 to slip it off into two
    T1s, one to the PBX and one to the AS5200.

    ~ 2) What are some good references for understanding the concepts and the
    ~ specific hardware better? I found a used copy of _Cisco IOS 12.0 Dial
    ~ Solutions_ at the local Half Price Books, and that looks vaguely
    ~ useful, but the more resources the better.

    Look for stuff on CCO.

    These are pretty good starting points:

    ~ 3) What other gear should I be considering that can be found on eBay in
    ~ the <$650 range? I have some understanding of IOS, so all things being
    ~ equal I prefer Cisco, but if there's a significantly better solution
    ~ available from another vendor I'm certainly interested.

    You can get a 5200 for $650? That'll be pretty hard to beat.

    Aaron Leonard, Jul 16, 2003
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