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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Dan Lanciani, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Dan Lanciani

    Dan Lanciani Guest

    In article <beok22$7ei8u$>, (Dave) writes:
    | Hello People,
    | This post will be a bit long as I need to describe my setup to you but this
    | problem is driving me nuts
    | I have a Win2K server, 2 nics, one connects to my cable modem, the other 2
    | my LAN, I run kerio winroute firewall 5 to control incoming and out going
    | traffic and to route between the 2 nics. Any pc on my wired LAN can connect
    | to the server and to the web no problems. I have 2 access points, one is the
    | AP4800, the other is a netgear ME102, apart from the ip and ssid both AP's
    | have the same gateway and dns setting, the Cisco 4800 has a lot of other
    | settings which at present I have left at their defaults but can't see why
    | changing them would cure my problem any how. THE PROBLEM, if connect to my
    | netgear AP, I can browse my LAN, connect to shares, ping stuff on my LAN and
    | on the net, connect to sites on the net etc, basically no problems at all,
    | if I connect to the AP4800, I can browse the LAN, connect to shares and ping
    | stuff on the LAN, I can't connect to bugger all on the web and I can't ping
    | anything on the web BUT when you ping a name you get the IP back from the
    | dns lookup and then it just times out on the packets, if I swap the IP's and
    | ssid's over between the 2 AP's I have still have the same problem with the
    | AP4800 so its not the firewall doing some weird packet filtering on a
    | particular IP (i don't think), WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON !!!.
    | If any one can shed any light on this I'd be really grateful

    You didn't mention what you are using for the wireless NIC. Assuming it is
    not a Cisco/Aironet product as well, I suggest you go to configuration/radio/
    i80211/encapsulation and change the default encapsulation to rfc1042.

    Dan Lanciani
    Dan Lanciani, Jul 12, 2003
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